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It is important that before you start playing, you need to know the minimum and recommended requirements to start playing.

Create a LoL account

Obviously, to access League of Legends, you need to have a active account or existing for this procedure to be successful, so you can play on Riot's servers.

To find the registration of this game, you must first find the developer page, which will be enough to write the name "League of Legends" to find the site in Spanish in the Google results.

When you log into the web, you will see a series of tabs in the page header and, in the top right corner, you will see an indicator that says "Play now", it's blue.

Once pressed there, the LoL platform will ask for your email as the first step of registration, enter the one you think is convenient and then click on "Start" to complete this step.

In step two, you need to provide another personal information, which in this case will be your date of birth, so the developers will make sure you are of the minimum age before downloading the client and being able to access League of Legends.

Now, as a last step, you have to enter your username, the one with which other players will recognize you, followed by a low, medium or high complication password, which you must repeat to confirm, then accept the terms of use and finish.

Download the game client

As the next step to complete to access league of legends, you need to download the game client, which will allow you to have all the program files, as well as log in before playing.

Once the registration is complete, it will give you two download options, the first is for those who have a Microsoft operating system i.e. Windows, and the second is for Mac devices.

So, you have to choose taking these two options into account. If you are a Linux user, you can use other means to run the client, but it is recommended that you have some of the previous two systems.

Likewise, when you have chosen which of the two options is best for you, the download of the client will begin, which currently weighs a total of 66MB, although it may be more, depending on future improvements.

After the client download is complete, locate the file in the default folder for downloads and start the installation, using the administrator settings (Windows) to avoid errors.

This will open a small pop-up window that would be the client in its most optimal version, indicating the size of the initial game download (currently 8,7 GB) and which will proceed to download once pressed 'Install'.

But first, the client will update itself automatically, downloading a total of 150 MB (and therefore 2 GB) representing its interface, and from where it will be possible to make other adjustments within the game, where, in addition, the rest of the LoL files .

Now yes, to access League of Legends!

Once all the downloads have been made, now is the time to log in LoL, and for this you just have to run the client (already updated) which, once opened, will show a window with a referential image of the game.

On the left side of this box you will see two empty boxes, each one belongs to the main data of your account: the username or email and password, which you must fill in correctly to start playing.

At some point after starting to play, you may encounter problems like the game not opening for you, but don't worry, it's easy to fix. If you have another problem, you can always use live chat for technical support.

At some point it may be useful to know how to change the password.

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