How to log in or log into my Tuenti account in Spanish? - Very easy

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However, before the big explosion that was Facebook, there were other social networks in different parts of the world. Tuenti is an example of this, having a fairly predominant existence in Spain.

It was made in Spain by locals and ended up being the most popular social network within the country and by a high margin. There was a time when it was one of the most used social networks in the world, to the point of passing a lot to its competition.

Back when Tuenti was a colossus of Internet creating an account on this platform and logging in was something most Spaniards did to interact with their own and other people's content.

And, given the importance of this social network at the time, knowing how to enter was extremely important. However, much of this process has changed a lot as there are currently several social networks that have met the expectations of many users. But how much has it changed? See below everything you need to know about it.

Entering Tuenti

Although Tuenti had a humble origin with a great explosion of popularity among the Spanish population, where many saw its splendor by sharing its content there and visiting the profile of others; it really is something that has changed in a big way.

For today there is no way to enter Tuenti, neither by registering nor by logging in because the social network has stopped serving since 2013. Since its closure, Tuenti has become a fairly popular telephone company in the region, but sadly its social network has left this world.

However, it is quite possible to enter the company page, register and do other options. Although you no longer have the features of a social network, you can only view and manage telephone services that the company manages.

From here you can do a little bit of everything, put contacts in the calendar or even call a contact, but you can't do much more.

Download your profile photos

You may be a former member of Tuenti. You've probably uploaded a lot there photo valuable and made many interactions. However, there is no way to recover all those photos. Although Tuenti did something about it a few years ago.

After the complete closure of the social networks, Tuenti began to circulate the information that it was possible to enter the site in order to retrieve all the photos that you had uploaded to the site.

However, it only lasted until 2017. If you're looking to get that content back today, it just ceased to exist. There are a lot of people on Internet who claim that it is possible with different methods, but it is simply not something that can be done today.

Many people have been bothered by this movement considering the times and the fact that the information did not arrive at all in time, it is simply the ways Internet businesses operate today.

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