How to log out of Gmail remotely on a lost or stolen device

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There are many situations that can cause chaos in our day and undoubtedly losing your cell phone is one of them. With all the information we currently store on these devices, it is a real nightmare for someone without permission to access them.

One of the most important information is yours e-mail information, in this case Gmail. Mainly because not only are your emails, but with it you can log into your Google account (and to all the services that make it up) and also to the sites where you registered with this profile.

How to log out of Gmail remotely on a lost or stolen device

If you ever face this situation, you can stay calm, as there are ways to protect your information e log out of Gmail remotely without too many problems. If you want to know how, join us to find out.

How to log out of Gmail remotely

Even if you have lost your mobile device, Google lets you disconnetterti da Gmail and from all its services in a completely remote way. By doing this, you will prevent people without your permission from accessing your information.

  • The first thing is to enter your Gmail email into your favorite browser from a computer or mobile device.
  • Once in your profile, click on your profile photo at the top right and then on "Manage your Google account".
  • Find the section "Security> Manage devices> Your devices".

Enter your Google account and go to "Security> Manage devices> Your devices"

  • At this point you can view all the devices currently connected to your Google account (Gmail and all services).
  • Now, select the team you want to leave and press the icon with three vertical dots> Sign out.
  • Then confirm the process.

Click on the “Log out” option to log out of all your devices

Once this process is complete, all your Google Account data associated with that device will be deleted, so you won't be able to access your information from that computer.

Don't worry if your device is turned off or offline, as Google will automatically log you out and log your account out as soon as it's logged in. If it is active, the process is immediate.

Tips to improve Google account security

Since we are talking about a problem as important as the security of your information and how to prevent unknown someone from accessing your Google data when you lose your mobile, we want to share some extra tips.

These are some very simple but effective actions that will help you keep your information even more secure, no matter what device you use or where you are.

Enable two-step verification

Enable two-step verification for log into your Google account it is one of the most effective ways to prevent your identity from being stolen. Furthermore, it is a very simple and free process.

Consists in receive a code via mobile phone that you must enter at the time of login (in addition to your username and password) in your account from any device.

Here's how you can turn on two-step verification to protect your Gmail account

Activating this feature is very simple. You just have to go to yours Google account and then go on "Security> Google Login> Two-Step Verification". Click this option and then click "Start".

Next, it will ask you to enter your account as you normally would, an alternative window will open to show the devices available to receive the code, when you accept, click on "Continues" e "Add a backup option", choose the method to receive the code (SMS or phone call), enter the code you will receive on your mobile and finally click on "Activate".

Methods for verifying your identity

If you lose your account or get blocked, you can recover it via identity verification methods. There are two options, via yours phone number and / or an alternative email.

You can verify your identity via a phone number or recovery email

To do this, go back to your Google account and go to the section "Security> Ways to verify your identity". There, simply enter the contact channels for recovery, an alternative phone number or email, confirm the steps, and that's it.

Monitor third-party access to your account

As mentioned above, we use ours on many occasions Google account to log in to external applications. But you have to check from time to time that everything is in order, whether for convenience or necessity. Because of this:

If an app or service puts your Gmail account at risk, you can monitor access with these steps

Log into your account "Google> Security" and in the section "Third-party apps that can access your account" you can discover the applications that have access to your account and manage the permissions they have, that is, you can revoke them if you no longer have them you need.

Now that you know how log out of Gmail remotely on your devices and several ways to protect your Gmail accounts and Google in general, you can rest assured that your data will be much safer and more secure. And if you're looking for more details, remember that you can visit Google's support to answer any questions.

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