How to lower the CPU temperature with New World without losing game quality?

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The computer has a processor that manages, as the name indicates, the process of the machine, so it is always advisable to know the performance of the PC before installing any software. New World is a game that generates a lot of process information, in the following article we will tell you how stabilize the temperature of your computer while gaming without losing the quality of said game.

What can happen to your computer if you ignore its overheating with New World?

Placing the computer in a temperature overload location when playing New World can cause a number of inconveniences, which are:

Bad performance with your game

If your computer has a high temperature it can do you no longer get the same performance as the running game, you should try to fix the problem to make your game work better and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Damage to the motherboard

The motherboard is a board made up of circuits that will serve as a support for the main components of the computer. Having a very high temperature playing New World on your PC, can cause damage to this card and therefore i its components do not work properly.

Total loss of equipment

One of the most essential things that can happen to your computer if you use it in very high temperatures is that its damage is total and you can no longer use this equipment permanently, that's why you should try to take care of your order from excessively high temperatures

How can you identify if your PC is above its normal temperature or not?

New World is a video game that works best when run on Windows, in this operating system your temperature will be balanced until you exceed the limits of available resources. Most of the equipment includes a thermometer to indicate and check the internal temperature.

What is the maximum bearable?

The processors have a level to withstand the wide temperature, if you go above 96 or 100 degrees that's where you will have problems, it is not recommended to reach this limit as if you do this the performance will not be the same and the game will run low.

What's the best way to regulate your computer's temperature with New World?

The best way not to overheat your computer while playing New World is to simply open this program on your computer. You can also try not to over-saturate the game with information.

Minimum energy less than 15

You must have the power supply at a minimum of 15 degrees, otherwise it will have serious consequences for your computer.

FPS limit

One of the best ways to minimize your FPS is to have the control panel get the drivers only for them, so you will have successful performance in programs that require graphics cards.

Avoid overclocking

If you want your computer to work properly, you should try removing or avoid the  overclocking.

How can you clean your CPU externally so that it never overheats?

To improve the performance of your hard drive and other components, you will need to clean it externally, when you perform these actions you will have to shut down your PC and wait for the temperature to drop.

What else can you do to prevent your computer from overheating when playing New World?

You will always wish it, when you use your computer, to have a successful operation, which you will not have if your temperature is above the level it should play in New World, so, below, we provide you with some advice you should do that your PC does not overheat.

Protect from malware

Malware is a threat to your computer that is found in many places. This can cause a number of glitches in your PC as well even damage it permanently. This is the way to keep malware away.

  • Have PC protection tools: these tools should cost an effective antivirus to help you reject malware permanently.
  • Pay attention to the links: i Malware usually comes in with a link they provide, try not to insert unknown links so these viruses don't enter your operator.
  • Download highly reliable programs: there are a very large number of unreliable programs, therefore you have to make sure which applications are recognized, as the ones that usually are not contain malware.
  • In social networks there are a variety of them: i Malware inhabits all your social networks, you have to be careful, as in these ways they can enter your PC.

Turn it off when you are not using it

If you have your computer on and it's idle, you can use the shutdown action so it doesn't waste its energy on something unnecessary. To do this, you just have to go to start and press turn off, you can also do this on the shutdown button that your PC has built in. This way you can improve the performance of your computer.

Before turning off you must be clear that all your programs you use must be closed, having the programs open, they will consume the ram and cpu of your computer even if you are not doing anything in it.

Buy new accessories

If you want your PC to perform successfully, you have to buy new accessories like the Fan cooler to reduce the internal temperatures of the equipment.

Keep it away from external heat sources

If your computer is located in a place with high temperatures by logic it also overheats, it is advisable to place the computer in places with a standard temperature so as not to damage your PC causing temperatures not recommended for it. The main choice for installing the PC in places out of the sun, with a lot of shade or indoors.

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