How to lure and tame pigs, cats, chickens and other animals in Minecraft

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Minecraft is a fairly large game full of possibilities for finding and obtaining gold and other minerals. If in addition to this we are able to add several mods, then we have a game that we can have fun with for years and years.

Some of the things that can be done are to create a stonecutter, attract and tame animals, among other things. There are a large number in the game and it is not at all difficult to get them. What we will see next is how to attract and tame each of them.

How to lure and tame animals in Minecraft

We will see in detail everything you need to do to attract and tame each of the animals that we can find in this huge game. We will see a little below of what food do you need for each minecraft animal, it's a simple process.

To attract an animal, we must find it and feed it a specific type of food, how can we feed it to attract it? We simply have to select it and then click il right key on the animal in question. Always with the right food.


All we have to do to domare i lupi it is simply to feed them the bones. It is something that can be found in cave chests or by killing skeletons. Something we must add is that those wolves who have become aggressive towards us cannot be tamed in any way.


To tame the horses we will need a mount. The object in question can be found in several caves, more precisely in the chests. The idea is to mount it over and over until we get it.

the flames

In the case of flames, we have to climb on them as many times as needed until hearts start coming out of them. When this happens, it means it is already tamed.

The rabbits

As you can imagine, in this case, we will need carrots to attract them. These animals are quite easy to find and can give us a lot of food.

Tame and trap animals in Minecraft


In the case of pigs, what we owe to do is use raw carrots or potatoes. Don't try cooked potatoes as they don't work. In this case we can find them in the crops of the villagers or grow them ourselves.


With seeds we can attract chickens. In this case it is very important to have chickens, as they will help us to get food and, above all, feathers, something that is essential in the game, especially if you like to play with the bow.

The sheep

When it comes to tame sheep, what we have to do is use wheat. This way we will make them follow us and close them in a fence. Even if you give two sheep grain, you will make them reproduce.


In the same way we do with sheep, we will attract cows with grain. It is ideal to have cows, as with these we can get food and skin, which is something very important when we enjoy an adventure in survival.

As you can see, that's enough easy to attract animals in Minecraft. As long as you have the right food or item to do it. In this way you will be able to create your farm, make them reproduce and not have to go looking for them on the vast game map.

Remember that if you have any doubts or questions, you can leave it in the comment box that you will find a little below and we will be happy to help you in whatever is necessary.

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