How to make a bed and a secret bed in Minecraft of any color

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Everyone, from the most adults to the most children, enjoys playing in the worlds that this game offers and all the possibilities you can do within it. Which become more and more complex how to attract and tame pigs, cats, chickens and other animals in Minecraft.

One of the key things you need to learn to do is make a bed for sleep at night and prevent monsters from disturbing you and we'll talk about it today.

We will teach you how to make beds of different colors depending on the taste you have or the materials you have. This way you can enjoy this game more as having a bed in your game will give you important advantages, so pay close attention to this guide to be able to create beds in your Minecraft world.

Why make a bed?

Before starting with the explanation of how the beds are made, we will tell you about the importance of this object in the game. In this way you will be able to learn more about the beds and the importance they have for the player and you will better understand the explanation that we will provide you later.

The beds are tool blocks inside bone of Minecraft which are blocks that allow interaction with the character, as well as the work table or the oven.

The basic function of this block is to allow the player to sleep at night, something essential to survive in this world because it is known that many monsters attack when the sun goes down to avoid getting burned. However you can cheat to defend your home in Minecraft

Hence the importance of having at least one bed in the game to avoid unnecessary fighting with these game entities and thus ensure your survival.

A second function that this block has is the checkpoint since once you sleep in your bed for the first time the game will interpret that in that place is your home and every time you die you will be able to respawn of new there.

This will allow you to use the compass to locate your home because it does not point north as you might think, but rather to the regeneration point which will be where you will have your bed.

The beds are very easy to make and we will show you how to make this useful block in your own survival world easily and in the colors you want.

How to make beds of different colors?

The creation process is very simple and the materials you will need are basic, so don't worry about the process as it won't take long if you follow our steps carefully.

For the basic bed

To make the basic Minecraft bed, all you need is 3 wool of the same color and 3 wooden boards. Once you have these materials, what you should do is put the wool blocks in the horizontal column in the center of the work table and the wood blocks in the lower horizontal column.

To have different colored beds, all you have to do is vary the color of the wool cubes you use in the making. The yarns are dyed by combining them with the dye of the color you want on the work table, allowing you to have a wide variety of colors.

For a design bed

If you want a higher level of customization than simply having beds of different colors, we present the Fancy Beds texture package. This texture pack will be very useful to you, as it does not affect the textures of the game at all, changes simply the appearance of the beds giving each color a different look. You can also learn how to make a texture pack for Minecraft

Use this texture pack so you can have read like a pro in your games and be the envy of your friends when they play Minecraft.

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