How to make a cake or pie in Minecraft? - Make a delicious cake

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Materials needed to make a cake or pie

Logically, before you can make a cake or pie in Minecraft, you must first have all the necessary ingredients in your inventory. These aren't hard to get more of, however some take some time to appear.

This makes the cake-making process at the beginning of the game a little tedious, but actually very simple, and once you get advanced you will do it without even batting an eye.

Now, the necessary ingredients are as follows: three cubes of milk, two of sugar, three of wheat and one egg. As you can see there are a lot of them, so you need to explain how to get them one at a time.


Get the milk

Getting a bucket or glass of milk is a time-consuming process if you don't know how to do it, but it's actually very simple, you just have to grab a cow and right-click with a bucket on its udder to fill it. with milk.

To make it easier for you , you have to enclose the cow with fences and place a block under it in order to get faster extraction.

Sugar and eggs

These are the easiest to obtain, as you get them naturally, eggs are laid by hens or released when they are killed, and sugar is made by chopping down sugar cane and then placing the pieces you collect on a table to convert.

As advice with chickens as with cows, it is good to enclose them with fences like a farm and have them reproduce to get more eggs, this will make the process of making a cake or cake in Minecraft faster and easier.

The wheat

Finally, to make the wheat you have to go and plant the seeds that the plants give in a box of earth that has been treated with the hoe and that is around the water, once it has grown there you just have to extract it and that's it.

Make a cake or cake in Minecraft

Now that you know how to get all the ingredients, it's the time to combine them to create the cake, and for this you have to arrange them in this specific order on the work table:


In the first row three cubes of milk are placed, one in each square, in the second row the sugar is placed in the first box, in the second the egg, in the third still the sugar, and finally, in the third row, wheat is placed in each square.

If you've done it right, you should be able to collect your cake by now. This is used only to eat it, however it has the peculiarity that it is not completely consumed when you eat it once, it takes up to 6 attempts to finish it, making it one of the best objects to bring for exploration.

And voila, with the above you surely know how to make a cake or pie in Minecraft, now go to the game and enjoy this new feature you just learned, which will make your life easier.

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