How to make a clock, hourglass or timer in Minecraft Very easy!

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Redstone is an electrically conductive mineral of red color, hence its name, its main function is to be the channel where players can send binary signals. In addition, it can also be used as an ingredient in recipes for certain items such as the clock, the comparator, the repeater, etc. But how to make a Redstone repeater and comparator in Minecraft?

In the hierarchy of importance, the Pietrarossa is listed as the fourth most important asset in the game, essential to game engineering. In this article we will show you how you can use this material to make a timer or hourglass.

What materials are needed to make a timer?

Logically, the main material will be the Redstone, if you are playing in survival mode you will have to dig a small cave and make a kind of mine to get resources, in this case you will have to look for this red stone. Which will help you perform endless features like creating a secret door in Minecraft with sticky pistons.

This can be found by digging from the base or mother stone up to height 16. It is recommended that while digging, torches are placed to illuminate the mine.

It will be necessary that you have an iron pickaxe or a better material, as if you pull it out with a stone pickaxe, this material will break and you will not be able to get it.

To make an iron pickaxe you need to go to your work table and place two vertical sticks and on them place 3 iron ingots (these can be obtained by melting the iron in the oven) as if you were making a T.

You must have Redstone torches, to create them you need to put a stick on the crafting table and place a rest unit on top. Just like making a normal flashlight.

You will also need a repeater, to do this you have to go to the work table and place as a base three blocks of stone, not rock, which is obtained by cooking it in the oven.

In the center line, you need to place a Redstone flashlight on each side and a Redstone unit in the center space.

And finally you have to have at least one lever, to do that you have to go to the work table and place a stone block and a stick on it and that's it.

How to make a clock or a timer?

There is no single model or way to create this type of watch, but you can play with your imagination and the materials you have available to create them. We remind you that in case your Game does not go as you wish, you can optimize and improve the performance of Minecraft.

1 method

The first model we will show you is the simplest, you just need to have a base or block no matter what material it is as long as conduct electricity.

Now you have to place the Redstone torches on three faces of the block leaving a free face from which a line of Redstone will start which you have to place around the cube leaving at least one square away. This is the easiest watch to make and where you will spend the least resources.

2 method

Use 3 blocks and place them in a V shape, you can make a U and remove the two corners so that they fit you in the correct way. Now above the middle or bottom cube, you need to place a repeater.

Now you have to place on one side of the lower cube, a Redstone torch and on the other side of the cube, a point of Redstone dust. If you don't want it to stay on, you need to add a lever in one of the upper blocks so you can turn it off whenever you want.

3 method

One of the most used in Minecraft, it involves placing two or more repeaters on the floor in parallel and of interconnetterli between them, just make sure you connect each repeater correctly using red stone powder making a line that goes from the socket from one to the other and that's it.

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