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Among Us, without a doubt, is one of the funniest games to hang out with your friends. Because? Because it is simple, it is addictive and has a lot of features that make it very interesting. Thanks to this, today we will explain how to make an Among Us game more fun with various tricks to create them. You will love them!

If you wanted to add a special ingredient to those games Among Us a you play with your friends, you are in the right place. After discovering all these tricks in the settings, you will have everything you need to create a more fun game than usual.

How to make a very fun Among Us game?

Create a fun Among Us game

In case you don't know, in Among US you can tweak some aspects of the game to make it a lot more fun. Do not worry! This process is really simple as well in seconds you will be playing a special Among Us game.

Tired of conventional games? Then apply the following settings in any game, no matter which map you choose (remember you do this on the laptop in the lobby, Game section):

So you can create a fun Among Us game

  • When you create a game with seven or more players, make sure you have more than one imposter. This way the game will be more engaging and competitive.
  • In Inter US, any player can tap the red button that appears at the start of the game to call an emergency meeting. If you do, everyone will join in an argument to try and pick the imposter. Change the number of emergency meetings to one to give dynamism to the game.
  • If you want to play with more than one emergency meeting, make sure the emergency cooldown is shorter than the kill cooldown. It is recommended to set it about 20 seconds.
  • Discussion time is the number of seconds players can discuss during an emergency meeting, those tense moments before a vote begins. About 30 seconds of discussion time is more than enough.
  • In terms of voting time, 120 seconds is perfect for a fun Among Us game. Because? Because it is neither too long nor too short, the precise amount to find out who the imposter is.
  • Player speed affects how fast your character walks. Increase this to 1,25% to allow players to move quickly along the ship.
  • The vision of the crew affects the sight distance of other players. Reduce it to 0,75x to spice up the game.

How to make a fun Among Us game

  • It is the impostor's vision that determines to what extent the impostors can see in each game. Increase this to 1,5x to give them a slight edge e killings more frequent.
  • By default, the kill reload is set to 45 seconds. If you change it to 22,5 seconds, the imposters will have to wait halfway through time to commit their misdeeds again. As you can imagine, it is the most fun.
  • With Visual Tasks, players can find out who is a real partner and who is the impostor. If you turn it off, the killers won't be exposed and you will be forced to discover them only through discussion. Interesting!
  • Metti one common task, two long tasks and two short tasks to make the game fun.

Did you understand? With these settings you can create a fun game for both the crew and the impostors. It's definitely a great setup for playing a private Among Us match with friends.

And if you want become a true expert, check out this article explaining how to be a good imposter in Among Us. Nobody will notice your murders!

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