How to make a Redstone repeater and comparator in Minecraft? - Step by step

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Make a redstone repeater and comparator in Minecraft

Before starting your learning, you must take into consideration that the two objects mentioned in the title, although they are similar, they don't work for the same thing, nor are they made of the same materials (although they resemble each other), so to get to order first you will learn how to make the repeater.

I materials necessary for its processing they are: three stones, a red stone mineral and two red stone torches. You get the stone all over the world, however, you shouldn't use the one you get by default when you cut.

You must first pass it in the oven so that it returns to its natural state before mincing it. In the case of the redstone mineral, it is obtained by mincing the block of the same name with a metal pickaxe (the others do not work). You can find this block in the deeper caves.


And finally the torches are made with a red stone mineral on a stick (on a work table). With the above you have everything you need, now you need to go to a work table and place the objects in the following way:

In the second row, place a torch in the first square followed by a redstone mineral and then another torch, in the third row place the three stones in each square. When you are done, your repeater will come out and you will be one step closer to answering the question How to make a redstone repeater and comparator in Minecraft?

Comparatore Redstone

If what you want is to build a repeater, the materials referred to you need will be as follows: three stones, three red stone torches and a piece of quartz. The first two materials are obtained as in the previous process, but quartz is a little more complicated (we recommend updating Minecraft to the latest version if you want to make it easier). To get it you have to go to the Nether and mince a quartz mineral (it's a red square with white spots inside), this block has to be passed through the oven so that you can get the piece you need.

Once you have everything that was asked of you, you can answer the question how to make a redstone repeater and comparator in minecraft? Go back to the work table and place the materials like this:

In the first row in square number two there is a red stone torch, in the second row there is first a red stone torch then the quartz piece and then another torch and finally in the third row there are the three stones. Once again at the end, the object will appear.

Functions of both objects

In the case of the repeater, it has the same purpose as its name, it repeats the redstone signal allowing it to cover more than the sixteen frames it always covers (increases the power to fifteen more frames). Furthermore has a useful lever that allows you to delay the signal.


Comparators can also act as diode-like repeaters, but likewise have other functions such as acting as capacitors, as opposite inputs, among others.

Basically both will work depending on which circuit you want to make, so it's up to you to put your imagination into the process. And with the latter, you already know how to make a redstone repeater and comparator in Minecraft as well you can go to the game and start enjoying your new knowledge, in so you can make constructions like auto fishing farm in Minecraft.

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