How to make a rotating beacon or magical lighthouse in Minecraft With light!

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Games have progressed so much and that's how we looked at them to make them a major piece of the media we consume every day.

There are all kinds of games that can do this for us, but few are non-invasive or perhaps as free to the player as Minecraft. When we talk about "free", we are referring to the fact that in Minecraft the player can do whatever he wants in a world he has created, where he can build difficult things and do many activities.

This, to the point that the player can shape many of the terrains that surround him, cutting down mountains, planting trees, building all kinds of buildings, to the point of bringing out all the creativity we have inside.

Furthermore, Minecraft makes many players think about how their castles, buildings or objects should be built, which makes them think about how to manage different resources and terrains. A clear example of this are the unorthodox buildings that can be made, that is, things beyond a wooden house, like a lighthouse.

That's why, in this little tutorial, we're going to show you how to make a lighthouse in Minecraft with a fully functional light, so follow us and pay attention.

The Lighthouse

A lighthouse is a building that, in real life, acts as a signal for ships that approach the coast or even for the planes that could pass by to have a reference point of the place.

The lighthouse uses a light that moves in a rotating fashion so that it is not mistaken for something else. That is why if you are planning to make a lighthouse, you need to keep in mind that it is a tower that is often found on the coast and has a light on top.

Now, as for the design general of the lighthouse, it's something you can do yourself with the materials you want. Many people tend to use different colored wools to give their headlight some character, but you are free to wear whatever you want and do it however you want.

Remember that you can take inspiration from photos of real lighthouses, or maybe do something a little more artistic or abstract a depending on the environment you are building in.

The light

When it comes to lighthouse lighting, you don't have to be too scared, as many think of the elaborate redstone circuits that can confuse new players.

All you will need to make a lighthouse are observers e red stone lamps. The observatories are made of stone, red stone and Nether quartz; and the red stone lamps are made with luminous stone and red stone.

The joke here is that the redstone lamps light up when they detect a redstone signal, which in this case will be emitted by the observers.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use 19 observers e 9 red stone lamps, which will leave us with a lighthouse 3 × 3 not to mention the height. Keep in mind that you can make it bigger, but for this you will need more of these materials.

Now, you need to start by putting the watchers in a square × 3 3, and each of these must see the other. When this is ready, you will need to put another layer of observers on these, but the ones you put will be facing down.

Finally, put the lamps of red stone on the latter layer, to form two layers of lamps and you can see how your lighthouse works. Everything you have learned will allow you to gain more experience within the game and make the most of it.

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