How to make a simple mob farm in Minecraft? Very easy!

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Create a simple mob farm in Minecraft

These types of in-game constructions are very easy to make. Unlike experience farms where your biggest difficulty is finding a mob spawn, i.e. a place where creatures spawn automatically over time. In the type of farm that will be explained later, creatures can be obtained anywhere.

Its operation is different from that of an experience farm, but it is no less effective. Create a simple mob farm in Minecraft can help you increase your gaming experience quickly and without much effort.

Materials to start construction

The variety of materials to use isn't much, and the amount to use of each will vary based on the size you want your farm to be.

One of the main materials for creating a simple mob farm in Minecraft are blocks. It doesn't matter what material they are, stone, rock, quartz or glass. The most common is that they are stone blocks since it is the most abundant in the inventory.

The next thing will be to get water with a bucket, it is important that there are always more than one. This is because the mob farm relies on flows to keep monsters at bay. Do not stop putting them, as they are one of the most important elements of the construction.

Another of the main materials are torches. These will give light to the surrounding environment. This will allow the creatures to appear right where you need them.

In general, these are the basic elements to create a simple mob farm in Minecraft. Depending on your taste and the changes you want to make, you can add more things.

Start building

The best thing from do when create a simple mob farm in minecraft it is to build it in the sea, since that is where the least hostile monsters appear. However, you can do it wherever you want.

The first thing you should do is create a base, it is where the enemies will fall. From there you have to climb the 23 block tall building on the four walls.

When the desired height is achieved, it is necessary to extend the construction by eight blocks of length on each side. When you reach the end of each horizontal column, you need to put a block on the last one to act as a wall.

That's where the flows will go. Therefore builds on walls with the height of two blocks and proceeds to close the structure by raising three more blocks and building a roof.

In the end it should look like a high tower with a roof room with four channels, in these channels you have to place the water which will be the trap for monsters.

Finally, place the flashlights in those places where you don't want mobs to appear, as they hate light. This way they will only appear in the room you created and fall into the trap. You already have your farm ready for the mobs, you just have to wait for them to appear and fall into the trap.

Now with this experience you can continue to build an automatic fishing farm and create a bee farm or a cactus farm, so you can easily get all the resources.

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