How to make all potions in Minecraft? - Ultimate guide to Minecraft potions

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The ingredients for making potions are obtained in different ways and are very varied. On the other hand, there are others that will remain constant because they generate modifiers in potions. If you really want to have the potions, we recommend that you update Minecraft to the latest version before continuing and of course purchase the original title.

Recipes for making all Minecraft potions with positive effects

To start made all potions  Minecraf t that it is necessary place the fuel in its crate inside the latches, then the bottles with water in the three boxes below and finally the ingredient in the box at the top.

Potion of strength

To make the potion of strength, the lower wart must first be distilled and after it is finished, the Blaze powder must be distilled on the same bottles.

To increase its duration it is necessary to distill on them Redstone which will generate Extended Force. Instead, to increase its power, the same process must be performed with luminous stone dust, thus creating Forza II.

Potion of Regeneration

In the case of this potion, you need to distill Nether Wart and then do the same procedure with a Ghast Tear. If you want to increase its duration, you need to distill Redstone and if you want to power it up, you need to do the same, but with Luminous Stone Powder.


Potion of Speed

This potion is simple enough because it is necessary alone distill Nether Wart and sugar. Its duration or power can also be increased with the respective components mentioned in the previous cases.

Healing potion

Being the most used, the healing potion is classified as an instant potion, therefore his time cannot be extended. To create it you need an Abyssal Wart and Shimmering Watermelon, so distill it and if you want to improve it, apply Luminous Stone Powder.

Potion of fire resistance

This potion is created with the use of an abyssal wart and spider eye, in the same way it can be enhanced in duration and effect.

Potion for night vision

The potion of vision in the dark is made with a Golden Carrot plus the Wart, this can be strengthened in its two aspects.

Invisibility potion

To create this potion you just need corrupt a night vision potion with a fermented spider eye. It's great!

Super jump potion

The super jump potion it is created with a rabbit's foot and the Nether wart. This can be extended in its duration and strength of the jump.

Potion of Slow Fall

The slow falling potion requires the use of a phantom membrane and the Abyss Wart, it should be noted that it cannot be enhanced in any way.

Potion of aquatic breathing

This potion allows for breathing underwater and it is created with a puffer fish plus the abyss wart. You can only extend your time but not your strength.


Recipes for making all Minecraft potions with negative effects

Potions with a negative effect are those that are mainly used to fight monsters or other players in the world.

Potion of slowness

This potion is useful for fighting summoning monsters and to make it you need to distill a fermented spider eye on a speed potion that will generate its corruption. Another way is under the distillation of fermented lower wart, rabbit's foot and spider's eye.

Potion of damage

To create the damage potion, you just need to apply a fermented spider eye to a healing potion and if you want to improve it, you can use the glowing stone dust.

Poisonous potion

The poisonous potion requires the distillation of an abyssal wart and a spider eye, it should be noted that this must not be fermented. This potion if its duration and potency can be extended.

With the latter, you already know how all potions are made, so to expand your information, also look for how to make a cauldron in Minecraft, which will help you make potions.

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