How to make an enhanced fertilizer for dung beetles in ARK: Survival Evolved How long does it take?

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The plants in the game have a precise time to believe, it depends exclusively on which plant we sow, the time it takes to grow can be optimized, using fertilizers, these also go in levels, and the more advanced ones make crops grow much faster.

How to make fertilizer?

When we play ARK, we must learn to survive, for this it is vital, to know the use and how to produce fertilizers, in so that our crops grow much faster, for this we have to look for the island of Ragnarok, a passive creature, called «Dung Beetle», which can normally be seen in deep caves, where it feeds on bat feces.

This creature is vital for animal and plant development of all regions of the game, as it plays a vital role in growing silver, humans practically adore these animals, because they have the amazing ability to turn plants into oil. and in one type of fertilizer.

Depending on the region we are in, these can vary their external appearance, with variations in color, but all of these, whatever the region, will be of total use to us during cultivation, to exploit their capacity we must keep a couple of things in mind.

We need to start collecting, along the map, bundles of dinosaurs, be they small, large or any size, even our own feces work, you have to put it in its inventory and every 15 min will give fertilizer and a little oil

Alternative to the dung beetle

Although the Dung Beetle it is almost the best way to get a good fertilizer and in a short time it is in dangerous places for beginners or for low level players, for this reason it must be taken into account that it is not the only option that the game offers us.

The so-called «compost bin» it can get us out of trouble if we are starting in the game, to make it, we will have to look for some materials, we will need 12 fibers, 15 units of straw and 50 pieces of wood, we enter the inventory and move on to production.

There we can make the composter, without any problem, once ready, it will be an object that we can put into the world, it is advisable place it near the crops to facilitate the search for fertilizer, it is also useful to manufacture many of these boxes to have a better production.

To make the fertilizer we have to open the drawer and for each 50 units of straw and 3 units of feces, it will produce a full bag of fertilizer, something we have to take into account is the time needed to produce it, that is, the production time, which is about 40-50 minutes.

Types of feces that we find in the game

The quality of the fertilizer will also depend on what waste we use to make it, in the game there are a total of 4 types of feces, disastrous animals, yes subdivide according to its size, in small, medium, large and giant, being the largest, excellent for our crops.

Also, there are the unicorn feces, only available in the mobile version of the game, the snowy owl, a slightly less common creature, will also provide us with its feces.

As a last resort we have the feces that we excrete, being the least effective due to its small size, being much more profitable for domesticating and feeding animals.

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