How to make basic wooden tools in Minecraft step by step?

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Make basic wooden tools in Minecraft

The first thing you should know is that the building material you will learn from today is the most basic in the game, so the instruments resulting are the first you need to get to start a game well or later you can go on to make good iron or diamond tools.

Wood is obtained from any tree in the game, and it is the only building material you can cut with your hand, this is obtained as a tree-like block, which you have to place in the four squares that appear when you open the inventory to finish it on wooden planks.

This comes in many colors depending on the biome you cut the tree in, forest is plain brown, jungle orange, among others. These are no different from each other when it comes to building tools, since with them the only thing you will do is make sticks.

These objects are generated by placing a wooden board on top of the other (vertically), on any construction table. Once you have them, you just need to combine them with the tables to create basic wooden tools in Minecraft, which are 5: the sword, the ax, the shovel, the pick and the hoe (as a secondary thing with wood and other items you can also make a fishing rod).

They all have different purposes, such as obtaining items, killing creatures, or farming, and can be made from different materials such as stone, iron, and diamond.

Some being more resistant than others depending on the material, in the case of wood it is the material less resistant, as it breaks after 60 uses, and does even the slowest job of all.

Combination to get the tools

Now that you know what the main material is, you are ready to make basic wooden tools in minecraft, to achieve this you need to follow the following steps on a build table:

For the beak, you need to place a wooden board in each square of the first row and a stick in square number two of the second and third row. In the case of the ax, you have to place the same sticks and the two wooden planks in the first and second squares of row number one and one in the first square of the second row.

If it's the shovel, you need to put two sticks in the same order as the previous ones and a single wooden board in the second square of row number one. With the sword you will use a single stick that goes into the second square of the third row and two wooden planks in square number two of the first and second row.

Finally, for the hoe, you need to put two sticks in the same order as the pick, shovel and ax, but the planks must go into the first and second squares of the first row.

And with that you already know how to make basic wooden tools in Minecraft, now you just need to start your game, create a new world and start the construction you've always dreamed of!

Now you can keep looking for a little more complicated tutorials so you can learn not only how to make tools, but also how to repair a pick or diamond tools (or other material), or make or create a bow,

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