How to make croquettes in ARK: Survival Evolved? Create pet food and dry food in ARK

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What are kibble in ARK: Survival Evolved?

Many players show some confusion when they see the word kibble in the ARK game, but you should know that this is the name given to the pet food or kibble in the game. Whereas one of the main ways to tame the  creature in ARK is to feed them. Kibble is very useful, as there are few creatures you need to pet or whip to tame.

For this, kibble or animal feed is ideal for taming creatures in a way fast and effective. Animals in ARK tend to have a weakness for a specific type of feed. Regardless of whether the creature is herbivorous, carnivorous, flying, or aquatic, it will prefer a kibble to another food it usually consumes.

This way, when you use feed to tame a creature, you would get a 5 point taming speed increase. Which makes it more efficient domestication, which translates into time savings and further evolution at the creature level.

How to make pet food and dry food in ARK: Survival Evolved?

Learning how to make kibble in ARK is simple, it's even easier than knowing how to change the time in ARK, as you don't need any kind of engrams to make kibbles in the game. Although all animals have a favorite type of kibble or food, this it doesn't mean that every recipe is different.

Basically, each Kibble recipe requires 2x Purple Berries, 3x Fiber and a bottle of water that holds at least 25% of its capacity, if you don't have a bottle you can use any other type of water container. The ingredient that varies in each type of croquettes it is the size of the eggs needed. You have to evaluate what type of egg you need for the type of feed you want to make and get 20 times.

You have to use a pot or industrial pot to prepare the kibble, so you will definitely have need fuel for the fire. You don't need a lot of time to prepare the croquettes, because in 30 seconds they will be ready.

Therefore, the existing types of kibble are Basic, Simple, Normal, Superior, Exceptional and Extraordinary. For example, if you get a twist in ARK you will wonder what his ideal food is, in Kibble's case his favorite is the extraordinary feed.

What are the benefits of using Kibble in ARK: Survival Evolved?

Feed is one of the most useful creature foods in ARK. You can use Kibble to tame a creature quickly and efficiently. However, you should keep in mind that every creature has a favorite type of kibble. Because while technically all types of feed work well on all types of creatures, it is also true that a specific type of kibble works best on an equally specific type of creature.

This way, keep in mind that using the wrong type of feed reduces speed and effectiveness of domestication.

As for the food points granted by the kibble, if you use the creature's favorite food you would get up to 80 food points. Excluding Brontosaurus, whose favorite food earns him 53,33 food points.

So knowing what a creature's favorite Kibble is is as useful as knowing the best map in ARK, because if you use a feed that isn't favorite you could get up to 90 points in food, but taming progress would do alone a profit of 1/8.

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