How to make gasoline or flamethrower fuel in ARK: Survival Evolved

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Likewise, survival video games promote creativity and the ability to make decisions on your own that put us in a certain dangerous situation or save us from it. These can have different environments in which we have to acting in a certain way that guarantees us to survive.

What is the video game ARK: Survival Evolved about?

In the 2015 video game ARK: Survival Evolved is was launched on the market by some video game developers, including Studio Wilcard. Its success was instant as it is a survival video game.

It is played in first person and takes us to an island inhabited by fantastic creatures and other surviving characters. It should be noted that the famous video game ARK: Survival Of The Fittest originated ARK: Survival Evolved.

The goal of the video game is to be the only survivor on the whole island and for that you have to face any adversity that comes along the way. For example, other players who will want to kill you, creatures who can kill you, climate change they need to protect and prevent from, among other things.

The game uses a lot mental agility to make decisions at the moment of survival, and as the character progresses with respect to his survival techniques and his ability to obtain the provisions to reach it, he levels up and this allows access to new technologies and materials. This video game is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and computers.

How to make gasoline or fuel for flamethrower in ARK: Survival Evolved?

The flamethrower is unlocked at level 55, but it is nonetheless need to unlock the chemistry table at level 85. To make gasoline or fuel for the flamethrower we need oil, oil is found in some dark rocks found under snowfall, usually on any of the ARK: Survival Evolved maps, a pickaxe is needed because of this. Other ways of obtaining oil are taming beetles or pumping petroleum minerals.

Another material we will need is leather. AND to get the skin, it is enough to kill or eat creatures such as wolves, saber teeth, therizino, among others. Since we have these two materials, we have to go to the forge, no matter if it is industrial or normal, we deposit the materials and the gasoline is created automatically. During the game we will need gasoline and by using it we will collect more materials again to produce more gasoline.

We will also have need for propellant. This is created with sulfur, which we can find in caves. The sap of cactus, we find it by cutting the cacti that give the sap and oil. Once with these two materials we can use our flamethrower to toast almost any creature or object.

The best ARK: Survival Evolved weapons

New and better weapons of usually appear in every update of this video game. However, the concept of "best" is subject to each user. So far some of the most popular and used during the games are:

  • The rocket launcher is a launcher that can literally pop anything
  • Il Pum-Action Shotgu, a rifle that up close can annihilate everything
  • Manufactured gun, it is one of the easiest guns to produce which is why it is so popular
  • He Longneck is an ideal sniper rifle for situations that require a single shot. We can also use it with darts
  • Spade, swords do a lot of damage, but require a shield to protect themselves
  • Spades, in melee they are brutal
  • Mastercraft Crossbow, the best crossbow
  • Arco Compound, the best bow
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