How to make gunpowder and bullets in rust - Guide to the necessary materials

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However, whoever dares to enter the famous world of Rust for the first time, is not aware of the various ways that can be adopted to carry out the defense of the characters.

That is why, if you are subjected to research of the various ways to get the ammunition you need to attack and defend yourself as you explore the map, today you'll find out how.

The easiest way to get gunpowder inside Rust

In server come Egoland, l’ use of creations and obtaining essential materials is enabled for the creation of essential use items for players.

Within this certain group we can find gunpowder, which is well known, is a highly explosive material that is part of various detonators and clearly weapons.

Thanks to this feature, it is known as an essential item within the luggage di every player to be able to create weapons, which will later be used for the player's attack or defense.

Once a user starts exploring Rust's maps, they may find that this gunpowder can be obtained killing zombies, as found in the boxes, which are displayed throughout the area.

Generally, this is the simplest and most effective way to obtain this resource, which is classified as non-natural, and therefore can only be extracted in this way.

However, this increasingly popular game has the characteristic of being able to create items and objects that are of the utmost importance to the player, and therefore you should know that there is a way to make gunpowder.

What do you need to make gunpowder?

First, you should know that, in order to use gunpowder in crafting your items, you must have a "Research Kit", well known within the game, and then use it on the resource when extracted from the sources mentioned above.

Once this is done, your Rust character will be able to produce gunpowder through the mixture of a coal and a sulfur inside a work table.

Find out how to craft bullets inside Rust

Although ammunition and weapons can be obtained for a monetary investment within the in-game store, each character has the chance to get them yourself.

Handmade ammunition

This is a type of bullet that can be used in Rust's long-barreled shotguns and saw weapons, so to design it all you need to do is have 5 gunpowder and 1 stone.

Shotgun ammunition

Although it was previously mentioned that hand-made ammunition can be used in long-barreled shotguns, if you have 2 metal fragments and 5 powder, you can design a specialized bullet for shotguns in the game.

9 mm ammunition

The nine-millimeter guns and the MP4A4 are weapons widely used in the game, so it is common to find various players who tirelessly search for this type of bullet.

If you design it, you can place 3 gunpowder and 1 metal fragment inside the worktable, until you have the amount of bullets needed to attack and defend yourself.

556 ammunition

This is the latest type of bullet available for fabrication inside Rust's workbenches, which is common in the use of the M4 weapon and in that used by snipers.

All you have to do is add 2 metal shards and 5 gunpowder shards to be able to design and implant it in your weapon of choice, and then continue using it as you explore the game.

Although there are several games similar to Rust, the experience provided by this video game allows them to continue to apply first.

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