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Materials to make the propulsion track

Before you can move on to the realization of propulsion, acceleration or speed rails Minecraft, you need to know what they are made of. They essentially consist of:

Six gold bars, a staff and a red stone. If you think this is not enough, you are absolutely right, the truth for the important function these rails perform is nil. But don't be too confident as getting each of these can be a time-consuming task.

To get the first items, i.e. gold bars, you have to descend into the caves of Minecraft, although these are not as deep as diamonds, they are still quite underground, so you will sting for a while. Once found, you will see that they are available in various batches and are gray like iron, but with yellow stripes.


You have to specifically break them with an iron pickaxe, as one less will just destroy the block without giving it to you. When you have all six of them, pass them in the oven with some fuel to melt them and create the ingots.

The stick and the Pietrarossa

The other elements that allow you to create Minecraft propulsion, acceleration or speed rails they are easier to obtain. To make a stick in Minecraft you need to place one wooden plate on top of the other on the work table and the red stone is in the caves. The latter comes in large batches, as many come out of a single block.

One trick to do this faster is to go down to the maximum depth and dig in a straight line, after a while you should find the blocks of said mineral.

Create Minecraft propulsion, acceleration, or speed rails

Once you have all of them the materials required you can start with the construction of the rails. To achieve this it is necessary to insert them in the following boxes of a work table:

In row number one you put a gold bar in the first box and another in the third, in row two also an ingot in the first and third square in addition to the seed in the second and finally in row number three you have to place the ingot in the same position with the red stone in the second frame.

Once the positioning is complete, the tracks should come out (there are 6 of them), you just have to proceed to grab them so that they are placed in your inventory. These are placed like any object on the floor by right-clicking.


Now, to give power these rails and really give them a boost, you have to give them a redstone current. This can be done by placing a torch of this material next to them, or by adding an activation lever to the block where said track is located, which once turned on will energize it (the redstone repeater and comparator also work).

They can also be powered by a push button and a detector rail. As a special feature, if a guide rail is switched off, the propulsion of a chariot will decrease.

Also, rails can share energy with each other if they are glued together in a circuit or string. The speed of impulse that makes a wagon reach is 8 m / s maximum.

And ready with that, you know how to create Minecraft propulsion, acceleration, or speed rails, now go and enjoy this feature by becoming the king of the tracks. And when you have them, start making a wagon or automatic wagon, so you can walk the world however you want.

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