How to make or create a beer or keg of beer in ARK: Survival Evolved What is it for?

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Making beer

Mainly, we must keep in mind that the rod and the elements necessary to carry out this preparation will not be available in the first levels of the game, specifically we must be above level 35, once we have reached this point we can create the beer barrel.

The beer barrel has need its own infrastructure, for its correct functioning it is not a cheap object to manufacture, as it needs some minerals which are a bit difficult to obtain, to manufacture it we will need the following elements.

Circa 500 pieces of wood, 100 units of cement, which in turn is obtained by mixing the stone with chitin, to obtain the 100 units of cement we will need about 800 of stone and half that amount in chitin, and about 80 ingots of refined iron that are extracted with 150 iron ores.

Once the barrel has been made in ARK: Survival Evolved, we have to insert a source of water, for this we make pipes and put them underneath, we cannot use alternative water sources like the one we collect from the map, they must be pipes, and these It will take some time for the keg to hydrate, after a while the keg will be ready for use.

Ingredients necessary for the production of beer

After the long process, which can lead us to collect all the materials to make the barrel of beer, and to put the respective water outlets.

We need to collect some things to put them in and draw beer, in particular we need 40 units of straw and at least 50 units of wild berries, we have the ability to place various kinds of berries, some of them can be, the berry «Amarberry», which is found all over the island, and can be collected by the dinosaurs you have tamed.

In the jungle you can find the "Azulberry", it has a muscle size and decomposes in about two minutes, another option, if you decide to visit the mountains of the game, is the purple berry, not very good to eat pure, but to improve other recipes made by one.

Once the ingredients have been collected, we proceed to put it in the barrel, it is advisable not to put the exact quantities, but to put a lot more berries, since these have the characteristic that they decompose, this is a slow process so it is necessary to be patient, about 6 hours are what it takes to make a unit of beer.

What is the use of beer in ARK?

Il Chalicotherium, he is an extremely useful dinosaur in ARK, he can serve us to attack from a distance since he has the ability to grab rocks from the ground and throw them, but because he is so useful, he has a complicated and difficult way to tame something, especially because of how much it can be expensive to manufacture the components.

To tame or tame this creature, the beers we produce in the barrel will be of total use to us, the fastest way and, if not, the best way to have this dinosaur it is through beer, we must bear in mind that Depending on the level of the animal in nature, we will need more or less quantities of this product.

For the lowest level (level 1), only 3 units of beer will be needed to tame it, this gradually increases, being at the highest levels (from 120 to 150), more than 19 beers are needed for Tamarelo.

Once located, we will approach from its back and very carefully feed it, we must be careful not to get too close or we will attack.

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