How to make or create a mind map in Word easily and for free

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How to make or create a mind map in Word

You may be used to using Word repeatedly to write documents, but Word is not Useful alone to edit and create texts. It also serves to do a myriad of things you surely didn't know, and among these is the creation of concept maps.

To make these concept maps you will have two simple methods to do them, and you just need to have any version of Microsoft Word installed on your pc or you can install it from its official website.

Method 1: From the "Forms" section in Word

To perform this first method of creating a concept map in Word, you need to open a new document. Then, you have to click on the part that says "Insert" right next to the word "Begin". After clicking there, find the “Modules” section and click on it.

After clicking, a window will appear with shapes such as circles, arrows, lines and other symbols. Choose a shape you prefer and then you have to click on the white sheet so that it reflects and stays there.

Once you've done that, you'll have the option to change both the fill color and the border color. You can also adjust the height and width of your figure according to the your tastes and your needs.

Then click in the center to write or tap any letter on the keyboard and it will be programmed for you to write inside the shape. There you can write the information you want; also to add more points or shapes repeat the previous steps.

add arrows connecting the points, you just need to change the shape into an arrow and paste it the same way as the previous shapes.

Method 2: using the SmartArt section in Word

Unlike the previous method, which was a bit freer, as you could choose the shapes for the concept map yourself, with the "SmartArt" section you will have a series of pre-established graphics, useful for communicating information in a very visual way.

To access this section, in the same way you have to go to a new Word document, then go to “Insert” and right next to the “Forms” section, there is the option for “SmartArt”.

Click that option and a pop-up window it should open immediately where a series of options will appear on the left hand side. Among these options there are some that are sure to suit your needs and tastes.

For example, in one of these options, titled “Cycle”, you will see several options that you are sure to love. Or click "All" to see all the different options at your fingertips. Then you need to click on the one you choose and hit "OK".

Then it will immediately be loaded into the document and you can start writing with various beautiful fonts from websites like Dafont where you can download fonts, change the color concept map and other options.

Advantages of creating a mind map in Word

By creating a mind map from Microsoft Word, you give yourself the opportunity to do it one way simpler and more personalized, following and creating the mind map step by step in a way that suits your needs and preferences. Plus, you'll have plenty of visually appealing options that can ensure your mind map is successful.

And with Word you can do all of this without problems or limitations. In fact, you will have many in addition to a mind map, you can change and create a concept map instead of a mind map, and you can even create another type of visual aid, like a tree diagram.

Have you noticed how simple and free it can be to create a mind map in Word? Requires simple steps and you also have two different methods at your fingertips to create concept maps and make them perfect.

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