How to make or create a villager's farm in Minecraft - Crafting villagers

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What does Minecraft mean?

The name Minecraft comes from the mixture of 2 words (Mine and Craft), which in English refer to respectively excavation or mining and construction. So the name tells us that the main purpose of the game is to explore, mine, collect materials and build whatever we want.

How to play Minecraft?

The game is characterized by the creation of different materials for construction. There are people who are dedicated to creating a villager village in Minecraft, but creating farms is a common way to get resources. These have to be built in a certain way, to prevent the villagers from escaping, over-breeding or lowering the price of the material.

È available on many platforms, you can download and install Minecraft for free, the latest version for PC. Although there are also versions, to download and install Minecraft for Android and iOS totally free.

How to create a farm of a villager in Minecraft?

create a farm for the villagers we have to use carrots or potatoes, because their result is fast; we will also need: glass, water, earth, work blocks, compost bin, work table, plate, signs, hatches, beds, torches, wagon, rail or rail, electric train and villagers.

We first located a place that is 70 blocks away from any village, we put water and a trap door in the center of the land; after that we put arable land around the water in an area of ​​9 × 9 blocks on each side, for this we use earth and a hoe or scythe tool.

We chose two sides of the area to put a 9 × 2 block floor, a place that will house the villagers' beds and arranged in groups of 2, looking from the side of the cushions; Therefore we will dig to create the exit area, for this we start with a 3 × 1 hole in the ground on the sides of the beds.

In both trenches we have excavated 3 blocks deep; and we connect them to have an underground channel through which the water will pass and where the posters will be; On one of these two sides we will build the exit of the loads towards the surface. Also a second water channel perpendicular to the first block of height (they will cross eventually).

The idea of ​​culverts is to create a flow of water through which the cargo will slide to the corner of the exit. It will also avoid overcrowding; An important detail is to place a torch at the end of the canals and before leaving the farm. This will prevent unwanted monsters from entering.

We need to put a composter in one of the areas we delimit for the beds; and in the other a work table, above both objects we introduce a glass so that the villagers cannot climb and escape; Now we place the slabs or slabs one level above the holes that connect with the culverts and put hatches on them.

To make the load output automatic, we will put the self-propelled lanes immediately after the intersection of the water channels, and then the normal lanes until reaching the destination (shopping center or steel industry); the wagon will obviously be the means of transport that will move on the rails.

Now we will use glass or crystal, for this several glasses must be made or made in Minecraft. We will put them around the farmland area then we will install the crystals at a height of 2 blocks to fence off the farm.

In each corner, we add vertically 5 more blocks, to serve as columns and support the roof of the farm; so the villagers will not run away, nor will they turn into witches if struck by lightning.

Finally we place 2 villagers and fill their inventory with carrots or potatoes (only one type per farm). The villagers will have children, and these as they move will fall into the hatches; thus automatically checking the number of villagers.

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