How to make or create a villager village in Minecraft - Customize your village

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Sometimes, simply by creating an interesting world by building big and difficult things, which can be explored and which gives the player a lot of activities to do, you can create a game that is complete enough for a player base, as has happened with several games in the past. However, while there are several games that can cater to many of these aspects, there is one that stands out above all: Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game where you don't have to follow a story (even if it does) nor do you have to do a specific activity. With pixelated graphics and an emphasis on exploring a fantasy world, Minecraft it comes to enchant its players for the simple charm of having nothing specific to do but explore, build and transform. Or most importantly, you can create a shared world so that you can play Minecraft with your friends.

And, given so much to do in a game that it doesn't seem to have much in the way of activities, it's surprising to know that you can even build a wooden house, saddles, build a bridge, and ultimately form villages for some types of characters within the game and if you are interested, see below how you can do it.

What are villagers and how to build a village?

Within the world of Minecraft there are a number of animals and living beings that inhabit the world, these themselves called Mobile phone number from the community. There are all kinds of mobs, from aggressive in the form of skeletons, to peasants in the form of rabbits and other animals.

Also, most of these mobs can be manipulated in certain ways to obtain valuable materials from them so that new ones can be built. instruments or gadgets. But if you want to use mobs to bring your world to life, you can use villagers.

Villagers are mobs that appear randomly in auto-generated villages on the Minecraft map, so you can find them almost anywhere. But often their villages can be a bit boring because they don't have a lot of stuff and can be easily killed by other mobs.

Therefore, if you want an interesting construction project, you can create a town or village for the villagers, and then be able to have them nearby. This is important as you can often trade items with them through emeralds.

To create a city there wants to alone a little creativity, but keep in mind that the villagers need a place to live. Each of them will enter a house to find a bed to sleep in, so you just have to build attractive houses where there are beds and lighting.

Also, it is recommended that there be lighting outside the houses to prevent monsters from appearing there. It is also recommended to make traps for them, and on the Internet you can find all kinds of plans to CASE​, roads, buildings, farms and others for the villagers. Keep in mind that there are villagers who need specific houses to become blacksmiths or priests.

How to get villagers to go to my village?

After spending several hours of effort to build a village, it's your turn to start populating it with the villagers, and this is a completely different task. There are several ways to do this, but the most reliable is to put the villagers inside a boat or mine cart by placing it on the ground and pushing it towards the villager.

Once the villager is inside, he won't be able to break the boat and you'll just have to push him into your new village.

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