How to make or create Christmas cards with Corel Photo-Paint - Easy and simple

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The year passes quickly enough to think about what to do when Christmas comes. For the most enthusiastic about this period full of many family unions, lunches and dinners with study and work colleagues, it is synonymous with joy and celebration.

One of the details that will surely never go out of style is the creation and modification of the image of the cards. Through them you can express best and most sincere wishes to all your loved ones.

A better way to distribute greeting cards?

But is there anything better than going out and buying a Christmas card? Yes, design it! Through your computer and smartphone, you can get an incredible amount of programs and tools that will help you create your cards.

This allows you to customize them to your liking, include details that can be very meaningful to someone. Furthermore, you can make it reach your most distant loved ones using the communication channels made available by technology and the internet.

Corel Photo-Paint

Of the many options you have for creating and designing a Christmas card, one of the most recommended, without a doubt, is Corel Photo-Paint. It offers an interesting variety of creation tools ideal for developing your Christmas card idea.

How to create a Christmas card in Corel Photo-Paint

Once you have the program, it's a matter of getting familiar with its interface and tools. In this article, step by step, you will learn about the process and explore the options this program offers you.

Creating the level

Through the Corel Photo-Paint object manager, you can work with the layers you will need for your Christmas card design.

One of the layers should match the background of the card. You can set the background color using the color fill and interactive fill tools, which will allow you to give it a different texture with the bitmap pattern fill.

Apply the fill of your choice and use the tools to reduce the patterns and apply the percentage of transparency that you think suitable, as well as the organization of the tiles (vertical or horizontal) to give a different texture to the background.

Application on the edge

In case you want your card to have a line around your design, you can use the guidelines tool. For establish guidelines, you will need to indicate the margins that correspond to the image and the sheet you will use to print.

Once the guidelines are set, you can go back to the object manager and use the path tool to draw the lines that will serve as a border for your Christmas card.

Corel Photo-Paint also has a large number of tools that will allow you to delve into the brush settings and then modify the shape and style of the drawn path so that the edge of your paper is as perfect as possible.

Insert shapes

In a new level, you will need to add the shapes that you will use for the card. You can draw to your liking using the Image Diffusion Brush tool as well to give it a more original touch, just as you can choose images from the Internet to use in your design.

Color the inserted figures

Once you've drawn or inserted your favorite images, it's time to add some color according to your preferences. At this point in the procedure, you will be able to use the tool interactive filling and you can use the two-color gradient fill of your choice.

It is also possible place a drop shadow, using the Corel Photo-Paint toolbox, for this type of effects, it is recommended to duplicate the figure. So the main one, whatever you use to apply the gradient and the one below, is what you use to apply the shading.

Share with your family and friends

Using all of these tools, you can design the most charismatic and extroverted Christmas cards for your family and friends at Christmas time. As you practice, you will become more and more familiar with the options offered by Corel Photo-Paint and surprise everyone with the design of your cards.

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