How to make or get all dyes in Minecraft: brown, green, purple dye, etc.

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Find out where to find each of the dyes in Minecraft

It is important to note that Minecraft has a variety of dyes that can be purchased in different ways and are used to dye different things or objects. For this reason we will explain the steps to make them. So the red dye can be obtained from the poppy, from the rose bush and the red tulip; also the "orange" color is obtained from the orange tulip. Color yellow can be obtained through the dandelion or the sunflower.

Then the green dye is obtained by burning a block of cactus in the oven, the dye blu it is obtained by means of a stone called lapis lazuli coming from a mine. So the "blue" color can be found by means of a blue orchid.

Furthermore, the “magenta” dye is obtained by means of two plants which are lavender and the lily, the “pink” dye is obtained by means of the pink tulip. The white dye is made from bone powder.

Il "light grey" it is obtained by means of three plants or by combining the tincture of seppia and adding two of bone powder. Therefore the tincture "Black" it is obtained by killing the squid so that the black ink pouches are draped.

Color too brown can be acquired by breaking the cocoa that yes found in jungle biomes. Color "Cyan" it is obtained by mixing green with blue and that tone will be obtained automatically. In turn, the purple is obtained through the red color and the lapis lazuli stone.

In the same way the “dark gray” color is obtained by means of the ink pouch and the bone dust, just as the bone dust is important, since it allows to lower a level of black tone until the dark gray is obtained.

Steps and combinations to obtain the dyes

Finally, the “lime green” color is obtained by mixing it on the processing table with the bone powder.

It must be said that these are all the dyes that are found within Minecraft and the way to get them. So many dyes like red, orange, yellow, light blue, magenta, pink, light gray, you get just by putting the plants on the work table.

The green color, on the other hand, must be cooked, a block of cactus it must be cooked , blue is obtained by crushing the lapis lazuli. Furthermore , bone dust it is obtained by placing an egg on the work bench and in this way it can be obtained.

It is important to understand the method that must be performed in order to obtain each color, in addition to the brown color it is obtained through the cocoa that can be planted on a tree but in the jungle. The black color is acquired by killing the squid, then the other colors such as cyan, purple, and dark gray lime green both dyes must be placed on the work table in order to obtain the desired color.

In addition, the dyes obtained they can be used to paint a variety of things like dog collar or sheep. In turn, crystals, wool, banners, among others, can be dyed. Eventually you can get a primary color or combine two colors to get another through the crafting table. Having them you can dye or decorate whatever you want, like a block.

Finally, we hope this article was helpful to you. Keeping in mind that Minecraft is a very fun game that you can play with multiple people. Thus, that despite the years it has not lost its popularity.

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