How to make or make a lighter or flint in Minecraft? - Handcrafted lighter

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Being a game that offers such an open and complete experience, it goes without saying that most players who enter will get lost in the sea of ​​options that are there to build. Therefore, it is never a bad thing to look for different guides who will gradually teach you what it is.

Building materials for the lighter

What you need to know before you start make or create a lighter or flint in Minecraft, are the materials necessary for its correct processing.

These elements are as follows: a metal ingot and a flint or flint. Getting both is very simple, to make or work iron ingots, you need to look for an iron block that can be found in any cave in the game (to make the obtaining process faster, it is recommended to find which layer the iron is in in Minecraft).


They usually come in batches of 4 to 6 and the way to turn them into ingots is to put them in any furnace with some type of fuel (such as coal), there it will take a few seconds and once cooked, your bars will come out.

In the case of flint you do not have to do almost anything, as you get it by digging the gravel with any type of shovel, does not always throw the object, but gravel always comes in large quantities and can also be found in villages and biomes of any kind, so getting it won't take time.

Craft or make a lighter or flint in Minecraft

To get the lighter you have to place both required items on a work table in the following position:

In row number two of the first box there is the iron ingot and in row number three of the second box there is the flint, placing both at the same time, the object will come out in the most remote box, where you will only have to touch it to save the change and have it in your inventory.

Keep in mind that if you don't put it in the exact position, nothing will come out, you can't turn it upside down or in any other way. Also, you don't necessarily have to use a workbench, as it only takes up two squares.

Flint or lighter functions

With the above you already know how make or create a lighter or flint in Minecraft, you will now learn what this item is for in the game. Its functions are many and most of it resembles what a lighter would do in real life - that is, setting anything on fire. Its most useful uses are:


Turning on the portal to the nether: to activate the obsidian portal, just click with the right button with a lighter on one of the squares that compose it, in this way it will light up (it's the only way to open it).

Turn on the creatures and take out the objects: the lighter also serves to set all mobs on fire. And you can also burn the objects you throw or that are on the floor by setting the painting on fire where they are.

Prepare instant food: if a cow, chicken or pig is killed with a lighter (i.e. dies from the fire), the food it throws away will be cooked immediately, so there is no need to cook it.

And ready with the latter thing, you already know everything you need to be able to craft or create a lighter or flint in Minecraft. Now go to your computer and start building one of the most essential items in the whole game. Remember to update Minecraft to the latest version available so that you can fully enjoy the benefits that are added to flint.

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