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How to craft or craft a sword of iron, gold and diamonds in Minecraft

Making an iron sword in Minecraft is very simple, almost as much as downloading and installing Minecraft was on your PC, as it requires a few steps that you can perform in minutes:

First, you will need a wooden pick, made with 3 wooden planks and 2 wooden sticks. Once you have crafted your wooden pickaxe, you will direct your pickaxe in the direction of a nearby mountain or deep cave. And with your pickaxe you begin to extract the stone that you will need to make the pickaxe needed to get the iron.

So, you have to go back to your home in Minecraft and access the creation table and, once there, go to the swords and armor section. And with 3 pebbles and 2 sticks by placing them in the Create section, you will get your stone pickaxe.

Now again you head to a mountain or cave to mine the iron needed to create the mighty iron sword.

After extracting the required iron with the pickaxe, you return home in Minecraft and access the crafting table. In the section of swords and armor you need to place in the grid "Create" 2 pieces of iron and 1 wooden stick to get the iron sword. This way you will have already obtained your precious iron sword and will be ready to use it at any moment.

Now, to create the diamond sword, in the Survival world, you will need 2 diamond pieces and a stick. On the crafting table put the 2 diamonds first and in the last square put the wand or stick. Then, you will be able to assign spells to your sword and get your precious, powerful and beautiful diamond sword.

Instead, to create your own golden sword you have need 2 gold pieces and 1 rod or stick. Similarly, on the work table, place the 2 gold pieces in the Manufacturing section first and the auction last and then you will have your sword.

How to make or make a stone and wood sword in Minecraft

To make your own stone sword in Minecraft, in the Survival world, you will need 2 stone pavers and 1 stick. To get the stone, as for iron, you have to go to one mountain or in a cave and with a wooden pickaxe the stone is extracted.

Next, we access the processing table, in the swords and armor section we place 2 paving stones and 1 rod in the Manufacture. This way we will have easily obtained our stone sword, in a few minutes.

Now, to make the wooden sword, you will simply need a few items that you will get easily. You will need several wooden boards (you get them from trees) you can even craft or craft a wooden stick to make your own sword.

So when you have this, go to the work table, in the Crafting section, place 2 oak or birch wood planks and a stick and you will get your wooden sword.

You use swords in Minecraft

The swords within the worlds of Minecraft are very useful, have various uses and various levels of power. For example, the most common use of swords is that of defend yourself from monsters such as zombies, skeletons, looters and other players. On the other hand, you can get the devastating edge spell for your sword and thus win in the game.

Are also useful for part of the clothing of your skin, so that together with armor, it looks much more powerful and impressive. Also, they are very useful for killing annoying cobwebs and bamboo that you get in the game.

Clothes! Making swords in Minecraft from various types of materials is very simple, with few materials you can easily get, you can make them easily.

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