How to make or make cookies in Minecraft? - Creating cookies

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Materials for making cookies

Before making or making cookies in Minecraft, the first step you need to follow is obtain the materials necessary to obtain the correct processing of said object. You will need two specific materials, cocoa and wheat, these can be obtained in two ways in the game, either naturally or by growing them yourself.

If you do not want to cultivate, you should look for these materials in the open world, you can easily get grain in the villages. It is planted on the floor or in the chests of merchant villagers (as some are engaged in the production of grain and bread).

And cocoa is obtained in the jungle biome, you will recognize it because it is a kind of brown seed that grows on trees, which can be in three different phases, one smaller and green in color, another where the fruit is slightly medium and the last where it changes color to orange and it is bigger.

The last one is the one you have to remove from the trees, so that it gives you what you need which are the cocoa beans and the cocoa (you can also find the cocoa beans in the chests). In case you have time and want to cultivate both, you must proceed as follows: arrange the grain in squares of land previously plowed with the hoe, that land must have water around it.

With the cocoa fruit it is different, as it can only be grown by placing it on the trunks of the jungle biome (will grow naturally). Once you have these ingredients in one of two ways, you can proceed to make or create cookies in Minecraft.

How to easily make or make cookies in Minecraft?

Now if the time comes when you learn how to make the best cookies in the game. To get started you need a construction table, to place objects on it as follows:

In the first box of the second row a grain, in the second of this the cocoa and in the third another grain, with this the biscuits should already come out. In principle, it will give you 8 if you want to increase more, you just have to increase the amount of materials you put in.

Function of cookies in Minecraft

Cookies are very useful in the game and are classified as one of the best food for relieve hunger, since they are used to replenish a leg of the bar per biscuit eaten.

And while it may seem like little in principle, with the amount of cookies that come out in one batch, they are more effective than bread itself, because they are much cheaper to make (this works better than making a pie or cake in Minecraft. ).

With the latter there is nothing else you should learn, because it should have been completely clear how to make or make cookies in Minecraft.

You just have to open your game, enter the world you want and start looking for the materials needed to create this wonderful food that will help you in your wildest adventures. follow these steps and become the best Minecraft player in the world, because with knowledge everything can be achieved with ease.

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