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What is a scoreboard?

Scoreboard stands for words Score and Board. Therefore, Scoreboard can be translated as Scoreboard .

A scoreboard is an advanced and complex game feature commonly used by server administrators and adventure map creators to keep track of user scores. Scoreboards are used for command only and their goal is to keep track of scores in many different ways.

It should be noted that this is another way of interpreting the word marker within the game. Officially, Scoreboard is translated as ‘Scoreboard’, although in this article we will use the synonym 'Board', since in Minecraft a board is a reference not to be missed.

How do you use a scoreboard?

The scoreboard is a complex system, so in this article we will try to explain how it works in the simplest way possible. As we have already said, the displayboards are used only through commands. However, before you can use them, you must first know their parameters.

There is only one scoreboard and each different type of score is considered a goal. This concept is very important, since to add a «New» scoreboard, you need to add a goal.

The score on the goals is not displayed; in order for players to see their score, it is necessary to use setdisplay, setdisplay allows you to add a place where the score will be displayed, a sidebar or on the screen where users are online.

Each player can hold Labels stored in the scoreboard. Tags are stored on a per entity basis, not as part of any goal.

The board may recognize groups of entities such as  teams. This parameter was designed for multiplayer mode servers where competitions take place and will determine if players from the same team can attack each other, if you can win as a member of a team, etc.

Parameter: goals

The most important parameter of the board is that of objectives. Goals are basically every different parameter that the game will count as your score, be it the number of kills or something else. It is interesting to know that you can get your stuff back once you die in Minecraft. This parameter in turn has three parameters that define its behavior.

The parameter ‘name’ is an identifier used internally. This name must be unique, because all technical functions in the game will use this name to refer to your goal.

The parameter ‘display name’ is an identifier used externally. This name does not have to be unique and it will be the players who see it.

The parameter 'criterion' (Criteria) it is what will determine the target's behavior. Basically, this parameter is what determines what the goal will count. We will talk more about the possible criteria you can choose from shortly.

The parameter "score" that's just what the name suggests: the current score for each entity in the target. This parameter can be increased or decreased via commands. The idea is that every time a player earns points, a command is activated that increases this parameter. The scoreboard can also be set to increase this parameter with game events, such as kills.

The parameter ‘score holder’ is the name of the player or entity that owns the goal points.

Parameter: Criteria

Basically, this metric tells the target what to count to increase someone's score. This parameter can be set to count the kills, the experience you have gained, the levels you have passed, etc.

In the example in the image, it is used ‘playerKillCount’, which will count the number of players you have killed. Each time another player is killed, the score increases.


You now know all the parameters of a scoreboard. The next step will be learning how to use the commands that establish and modify them.

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