How to make your own NPC in Roblox

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In recent months, Roblox's popularity has increased exponentially, ranking it as one of the games free to play most popular of the moment, since thanks to its graphics engine and the simplicity of the game it has become the favorite of many users.

And as we have already commented on several occasions, it is a online multiplayer game in which you will not need to have a state-of-the-art computer to start playing with friends.

How to make your own NPC in Roblox

That's right folks! Roblox is a mine of games where you will have a wide variety of virtual worlds of different genres and categories at your disposal. However, a key part of the maps Roblox are the NPC, and this time we will show you how to create an NPC in Roblox quickly and easily.

What is an NPC?

- NPC known by the acronym "Non-player character" o "Non-player" they are the characters that are found in any game and have a purpose in it. In this sense, the developers are tasked with program them under a goal, both to expand the storyline of the game and to be of great help within the map.

NPC - Create non-playable characters within your map

these NPC are created and placed in the Roblox map by the developers, and to get started create your own NPC and include it inside the server you need to have the Roblox Studio build tool.

How to make an NPC in Roblox

Open Roblox Studio

create an NPC character on your map you must first learn how to program it with Roblox studio. Once learned, you can add as many NPCs as possible. To do this correctly, follow these steps:

  • starts Roblox studio.
  • Next, open the map or server you want to work with.

Enter Roblox Studio to start creating your NPC

Enter the NPC

Once Roblox Studio is opened and placed on the appropriate server, the next step is enter the NPC desired. You can achieve this step by doing the following:

  • Find the section «Toolbox» in Roblox studio.
  • Type the word «NPC» in the search area.
  • It will show different fonts, choose and click the one that best suits your map. Now it's time to modify it, put your arms on it, change the dress or its appearance in general.

Find the NPC and put it on the map

Configure the NPC

If you've followed each of the steps, you generally already have a NPC on your server. However, one of the most amazing things about these features is the ability to interact with other players. To do this, you need to program the movements, features and words that the NPC character will have inside the map using some scripts.

  • To select the NPC, click on it.
  • On the right side of the screen is the "Explorer" section, click the + symbol.
  • It will show various options. To speed up the process, place the cursor in the section "Near" and type "Script", then click the first option.

Select the script that best suits your needs

  • This will show a completely blank tab, here you have to program the script so that the NPC has "life".
  • The next step is to delete the line of code that appears automatically and paste the following code known as Follow Script. The main function of this script is to make the NPC follow a player around.
  • Once the script is pasted, you need to close the window and execute the game by clicking on "Plays" o "F5 key" to test it.

After adding some changes to the NPC it's time to run the tests

Below, you can see an image reflecting like the your NPC will start following the player from the server everywhere. We have already seen it with the famous pets of some minigames or with some beast that suddenly appears to defend an area or a place.

See how your NPC starts following the player after applying the settings

With these simple steps you will have the ability to create your NPC regardless of the map you are developing in Roblox. And thanks to the diversity of the platform, you can customize the NPC as you see fit. Another plus is that the Roblox community is quite large, so the number of scripts available for NPCs is gigantic.

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