How to make your Xiaomi smartphone faster

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Although Xiaomi phones generally perform very well regardless of their price, their performance may deteriorate over time. It is something normal especially in smartphones since we are filling the memory of the device with apps, documents, photos ...

Most of the time, restoring your smartphone to its factory state is more than enough, even if it means losing all information unless you have done a prior backup. Another solution to make our phone faster (in this case our Xiaomi device) it's through developer options and the truth is, doing it is really simple.

How to make your Xiaomi device faster

More than once we have explained what developer options are and what they are for. In short, these are advanced settings hidden in the smartphone menu and that at the time of unlocking allow us to modify some parameters of our devices.

To do this on our Xiaomi device we just have to go to the Settings of the device and more precisely On the phone. Once there, we just have to locate the section that says MIUI version and click on it (in Xiaomi you usually have to press three times) up a when not a sign appears indicating that developer options have been enabled.

The next step is to enter these settings which will now be visible and for that we return to the Device Settings, Additional Settings and Developer Options. Go below to the Animation Level section and edit the following:

  • Window animation level: 0,5X
  • Transition animation level: 0,5X
  • Animation Duration Level: 0,5X

As you can see, there are different values ​​for each section and these animations can also be completely disabled. We do not recommend doing this as the menu transitions are unnatural, but nothing happens. You can go and play with the different values ​​until one convinces you. Fortunately, it is not something irreversible and can be changed whenever we want.

With this we don't actually make our Xiaomi device run faster, but all we do is reduce the speed of the animation. What happens is that in our eyes it will seem that the device works much better and although in the end it may be almost a placebo effect, the truth is that in phones whose performance is not the most optimal it shows a lot.

Remember that we have at your disposal many other tricks for Xiaomi terminals, such as learning how to speed up the fingerprint reader of our device or knowing how to sort all the icons on the desktop with a single gesture.

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