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As mentioned above, mobile phones with Android operating system are one of the most popular today, competing with Apple's mobile phones, iPhones. In any case, understanding the large number of devices on the market, it is very difficult to establish a standard for each mobile, as in the case of the volume.

Il volume of a Android phone it depends solely on its model, which is why there are some with excellent volume and others where this factor is disappointing. But don't worry, there is a fairly simple solution that we will teach you here. Also, remember that on our site you will find many tutorials for Android.

Increase the volume of your mobile

There are many tools to increase the volume of our mobile devices, most of which are tools for root users. However, not everyone wants to root their phones, as this breaks the warranties in most cases. Unfortunately, in many cases not being a root user can complicate matters.

What is a root user?

You may be wondering what the termine root on android phones, the truth is it's not that complicated. When a mobile phone is rooted, the user can access previously limited options, allowing them to change the internal aspects of the mobile phone software.

A root user can change the screen resolution of the phone, access hidden files on the phone and many other activities. However, as noted above, when doing the root of a phone you lose the warranty of the same. For this reason, most distance themselves from it, at least until the warranty on their phones expires.

Even so, you are interested in being rooted, you can root any Huawei mobile with relative ease and don't be fooled, because the above tutorial can also be used for different devices besides Huawei.

But if you don't want to be the root user, there is one solution to increase the volume? The answer to this question is yes, today we will introduce the best and easiest way to maximize the volume of your mobile without rooting your mobile.

How to maximize the volume of an Android mobile without being a root user

This time we will show you the easiest way to permanently increase the volume without being a root user. For this, take into consideration the instructions that we will give you, although the process is quite simple, since it is enough to install a simple program.

The GOODEV volume amplifier

  • The first step is to go to the Play Store.
  • Once there, look for the following program " GOODEV Volume Amplifier "And proceed to download.
  • After downloading the program, the first time you open it, a volume alert will appear on the screen. Read it carefully and, if you agree, press Ok.
  • The application is very simple to use, you just have to slide the volume control bar to the point you prefer. Even so, the application recommends that the amplification values ​​be less than 40%, which is why it only exceeds this figure in circumstances that justify it.
  • Within the configuration options it is also possible to increase or decrease the maximum amplification figure. Keep in mind what we have already said, use this function only in exceptional cases.
  • As we pointed out, you just have to slide the volume to the point that feels appropriate, try this cool application with those android phones which have a very low volume.

This is the procedure for maximizing the volume of your Android, as you will see it is quite simple and it is enough to download the GOODEV volume booster, a very simple application but which performs our mission very efficiently in most cases.

On the other hand, if you are still having problems after the above, it is possible that the problem has to do with one of your music applications. For this and to understand that Spotify is the most famous, we recommend that you read the following guide to improve the sound quality of Spotify on your Android, a complementary option to what is shown above.

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