How to mix emojis on WhatsApp to create custom emojis

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WhatsApp is a messaging platform that offers you multiple communication options: text, audio notes, video calls, GIFs, stickers ... To this large list we can add a new one, custom emojis, because you can create your own emojis by mixing two which you choose.

If you are one of those who use these very particular designs to communicate, now you can too combining their emotions. We have already tested this tool and the truth is that it works very well by providing an interesting and fun alternative for your conversations. We explain how to mix emojis in WhatsApp to create unique emojis.

So you can mix emojis in WhatsApp to make your own emojis.

How to mix emojis in WhatsApp to create custom emojis

Creating custom emojis in WhatsApp is possible if you use the Google keyboard, Gboard. That way, if you don't have it yet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store. The function in question that allows this combination of emojis it's called "Emoji Kitchen", and it is possible create up to 14.000 different emojis through the mix of emojis available.

In short, you just have to select the two emojis you want to combine, see the results that Gboard offers you and share the one you like best in the WhatsApp conversation. But before having to configure a Google keyboard setting, you can do it like this:

  1. Open the keyboard in any application, for example in WhatsApp itself.
  2. Click the horizontal three-dot button in the corner in top right of the keyboard.
  3. Log in to "Preferences".
  4. Check the box " Emoji stickers " to have Gboard suggest you stickers when you select them on your keyboard.

Once this feature is enabled, you just need to follow these steps to create custom emojis and share them in your WhatsApp conversations:

  1. Open WhatsApp and enter the chat you want.
  2. Open the keyboard by clicking on the text field.
  3. Click sticker icon in the top keyboard bar.
  4. Click emoji icon that appears at the bottom of the keyboard.
  5. Once inside the emoji menu, select the two emojis you want to merge. Automatically, at the top you will see the available combinations.
  6. Click on the combination you like the most and it will be shared in chat as an adhesive.

Another method of mixing emojis is do it from the Emoji Kitchen website same. There you just have to select an emoji in each box and see the combination it offers you. You can share it or download it and send it on WhatsApp, as well as letting Emoji Kitchen surprise you with its random combinations.

You can use any of these options to give your WhatsApp conversations a different twist and surprise your contacts with emojis they haven't seen until now. Perhaps more than one bookmark these original stickers and use them in their own WhatsApp chats.

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