How to notify your contacts that you have changed the number on WhatsApp

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Although for many of us there are better alternatives to WhatsApp, like Telegram itself, it is no less true that the Facebook-owned app is the most downloaded and therefore used messaging tool in the world.

Gradually the app is updated with interesting features, some not well known and that we don't usually use them on a daily basis, but when we have to use it, it is appreciated to have it.

It is a function that is needed for notify all our contacts that we have changed our phone number and which is available for both Android and iOS.

How to notify all your contacts about the change of phone number

To get started we will open the WhatsApp app with our old phone number. Once this is done we will go to the WhatsApp settings, more precisely in the Account section.

Once inside we will see that there are several options such as Privacy, Security or Two-Step Verification. What interests us is the option called Edit Number.

As we can see here, WhatsApp informs us what will happen if we use this feature. More concretely:

" Use Change number to migrate information. from your account, groups and setting your current number to a new number. You cannot undo this change. To proceed, confirm that your new number can receive SMS or calls and press Next to verify that number ".

If we are determined to continue with the process, we'll just have to choose the new number and complete the procedure, really very simple.

What happens now?

Changing your WhatsApp number is really easy and takes just a few minutes

Our work is done and we won't have to do anything else as WhatsApp takes care of everything. We will not receive any type of notice but in all the chats of our contacts a message will appear informing you that we have changed the number, showing it to all of them.

We will not lose any conversations, files or photos. Despite having a new number, it's like we haven't made any changes. Everything is normal and we can continue using WhatsApp as before without any worries.

It is a very cool feature and is that although changing the phone number is not very common, It is appreciated that the transition with WhatsApp is so quick and easy to do.

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