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In world, video games have developed quickly thanks to the evolution of technology, as well as the ingenuity and creativity of their creators. Its impact is so great that it is estimated that more than three billion people have a video game on a console or on their mobile device.

And this is because a video game allows interaction between one or more people who can participate in it from its own platform in a dynamic and fun way.

In this video game market you can find more companies that make sure they are more real and attractive every day. Among the companies competing to be among the first in this market are Nintendo, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Tencent.

Not only that, you also have other companies that create their video games without depending on anyone so that these games can be obtained online. Many people have different ideas about video games, some think they can negatively affect whoever plays them.

However, others believe that i video games can be useful because they help improve reading as the player has to read the instructions to be able to play them. Another benefit is that people become more adept at dealing with problems that require organization and planning.

Also, it allows social interaction, it is possible to develop creativity and imagination and knowing space and distance in a logical way. There are currently many games for both adults and children, but one of the most popular and you can download is Clash Royale.

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale in one game which allows multiple players to participate in this game in real time from their computer or mobile device at the same time to participate in fights to destroy enemies. This game was created in 2016 by the company called Supercell, which is located in Finland, whose characters in the game are based on the Clash of Clans video game.

A peculiarity of this game is that by competing with other competitors you can train alliances to create a clan and at the same time you can create your own battle space. In this game the characters found in the card game come to life, you can face your enemies from the other cards by destroying all their towers.

You will find in the I play different types of cards with different levels of power such as legendary cards, special cards, community cards, and those of epic origin.

These chests contain various cards to acquire gold, modify your deck or gems, plus you can earn medals with each cycle of chests. As you progress you will get the same cards you need to acquire to maximize your power, more life, as well as get more defense and attack strategies.

While playing Clash Royale you will find numerous tricks to advance fast and accurately without losing rewards. For this it is necessary to use numerous and effective strategies both to defend oneself and to attack one's enemies in order to dominate the world of Clash of Clans.

With Clash Royale you can find numerous prizes, chests, card gems, destroy towers, lead troops and spells and achieve victory.

What should I do if when playing Clash Royale I want to open chests faster by advancing their Cheat cycles?

If you want quickly open the chests of Clash Royale by doing advance their cycles, I will briefly show you some steps to follow below:

Step 1: if you stay playing Clash Royale from your mobile phone, you just have to advance the time on your phone, thus speeding up the time in the game so that you can open the crates you want without waiting that long.

Step 2: Another way to open the crates more quickly is to accumulate points for the experiences that will allow you to level up.

Step 3: You can download the application named Hosts Editor only for the purpose of advancing the loops for open the chests of Clash Royale.

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