How to open or play files with extension .AVI?

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What is the usefulness and how does the .AVI format work?

The format acts as a container, that is, it can save both video and audio, although they are disconnected; when the video is played, it will interlace at the same time as the sound.

For this encoding of this digital data an external program which does not belong to the AVI called Codec is required; therefore, they can be presented in any kind of format, allowing you to edit the audio of your reproduction, depending on the requested language.

The .AVI formats are divided into pieces of information called Chunks, which have an identification, with the FourCC name or four-character code; thus facilitating the search at the time of playback. The first Chunk is called header ed is responsible for the description of the information in relation to the speed per second and the size of the images; the second moderates the interweaving of video with audio.

How can I play AVI files according to the operating system?

It will depend on whether it is at the computer or mobile level, for example:

  • On a computer Windows, the file must be played with the native Windows Media Player regardless of the version installed, as recommended for files with the .AVI extension; In the case of Windows 10, we locate “Movies and TV”, then a click on the video will be clicked to play automatically.
  • In the case of Mac computer, it is complicated because the source player is not compatible with the .AVI format, so we have to use 2 programs from the company Aiseesoft; with the first we reproduce and it is called Aiseesoft Mac Blu-ray Player; and with the second Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate the conversion to the original Mac format is done.
  • Android phones, although the latest phones are already equipped with this format.AVI, it seems that it is not very suitable; therefore, for a better quality display, VLC is recommended.
  • Per iPhone with iOS, Movie Player 3 must be used to play movies and videos in this format.

How to open or play AVI files?

It must be said that video files to play files with extension such as .AVI is one of the forms most popular globally, and can be played by both free and licensed programs from any operating system; therefore only a few will be mentioned.

  • VLC Media Player: it is a program developed by VideoLAN, open source, an excellent option for any operating system and any type of extension, has high resolutions and generally does not need Codecs.
  • Media Player Classic: Player produced by Microsoft Windows, initially it was closed source software but over time it has been released and is compatible with any video player.
  • Cyberlink Power DVD: The Cyberlink company worked with functional software to play files in different formats for our PC and despite the fact that DVDs are little used today, this program allows us to open these formats .AVI.

Finally, we must conclude the importance of the .AVI extension for video playback, as it can be played in any operating system; hence its great diffusion, as well as the quality obtained.

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