How to permanently delete my Steam account? - Step by step guide

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Are you a user Steam but do you want to unsubscribe? We show you step by step how to permanently delete your Steam account. With technological advances, the popularization of video games is on the rise.

Being the fun of adults and children. Today there are games that adapt to the tastes and expectations of different user groups and this variety can be found on many digital platforms.

In this sense, Steam was initially launched by the company Valve with the aim of making it easier for its users to download automatic updates for their games, which makes it today one of the main digital platforms for the distribution of video games and the like. This platform allows you to share games and play at the same time with the family mode.

Here you will find from games designed by small independent developers to video games and multimedia content belonging to large companies.

In addition to that, it offers the possibility to play online, whenever the video game allows it, with your friends or other users, regardless of where you are in the world. Many users log in or even link their Steam account to Facebook. In case you no longer wish to continue using your Steam account and want to unsubscribe permanently, please follow the steps in this article.

How does Steam work?

To get started you need to create an account on the Steam platform, this will have no cost; This account will be associated with all purchases, whether content or video games, you make.

This allows you to access what you have purchased from any computer and will be available to download whenever you need it.

On this platform you will find a large and varied inventory with over 3.000 computer games, some of them free.

Steam manages its paid content through subscriptions, that is, when you pay for a game you do not receive physical material, instead you will have access to the digital download of the same as many times as you want.

Steam periodically offers offers and even promotions of free games for a few days that will allow you to have access to more content.

Also, if you have any games purchased in other stores, you can add them from your Steam account using the product key.

This way you can download the software wherever you are without having to depend on a physical device to do so.

Most of Steam's content is available for installation on sistemi operativi Windows, OS X and Linux, so you can enjoy your games on any computer that meets the requirements.

Another big advantage that the platform offers are the game updates via patches that will be available after their launch and the ability to save your progress or games in the Steam cloud.

You can buy with confidence through different methods such as Paypal, carte prepagate o Steam Balance, so you don't have to worry about additional charges to your bank account.

How to permanently delete a Steam account?

In case you are not satisfied or you simply no longer use your Steam account and want to permanently delete your account, you will just have to follow a few steps.

Step 1

Go to the official Steam website from your favorite browser and start your session. If you do not remember your details, click on the link Forgot your password?

Step 2

Select the option corresponding to your case and follow i passaggi provided by the Steam Support Department to recover your account.

3 pass

Once you have access to your account, you must enter the user panel pressing your name at the top of the page, when the options menu appears, select Account Details. When you scroll down you will see the Delete My Steam Account option, when you select it you need to confirm your decision by pressing the button Proceed to delete the account.

The platform will ask you for information on why you have decided to unsubscribe by selecting one of the available options or by writing in the comment box, press send and wait for the confirmation email to finish.

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