How to play and set up Google Stadia games with the PS4 or Xbox One controller

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Technological progress is evident as the days go by, both in the new software that comes to light and in the new next-generation consoles, which immerse you in video games in a way that feels like reality. This is what we mean by virtual reality interactivity created by companies like Sony that take you to your favorite worlds and live within them for a few hours.

But these latest generation equipment are usually expensive for many people, it is there that the Google company decides to launch a new project on the market capable of giving users hours of fun. Google Stadia a platform dedicated to streaming video games without the need to own a new generation console or PC Gamer.

That's why today we're going to teach you how play and set up Stadia with your PS4 and Xbox One controller, and in this way you can comfortably enjoy all the deliveries that this platform can offer you. Read on and find out more.

What is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming platform developed by Google, the largest tech franchise in the world. This gives you an excellent cloud subscription service where you can enjoy excellent delivery via streaming;  which can run games at a speed of 60 fps with graphics quality up to 4K.

This platform completely changes the meaning of having a console at home to be able to play your favorite chapters. On the other hand, can be connected to almost any type of remote control that you have at home; and play on our computer without any problem.

We can't forget that you can play Google Stadia from any mobile device, making it one unique and accessible platform for the vast majority of people.

How to play with the PS4 and Xbox One controller on Stadia

If you are a top-notch gamer, surely you have a great variety of controls in your home; some already broken or new, but surely one of those controls is compatible with the Stadia platform. The company Google has instead developed a specialized command for the platform that connects via Wi-Fi; which is a mix of looks between PS4 and Xbox, allowing the user greater agility and speed.

But if you don't have enough money to buy such a controller, you can easily connect a PS4 or Xbox One controller. If you own a Dualshock 4 you just have to connect it via USB to your computer; and in this way have fun without any problem, since it comes by default on the platform.

On the Xbox side, it has a wide variety of options you can find in controller adattivo Xbox 360, Xbox Elite, Xbox One e Xbox;  so if you need to own a console from this franchise you can comfortably enjoy Stadia without buying anything else.

But if you own a Nintendo brand controller, you need to follow a series of steps to connect a Nintendo Switch Pro controller to play on Google Stadia without any hassle.

In case you want to play solo keyboard and mouse on your computer will be enough; as this can be configured in the most comfortable and optimal way you want.

Remember that Google Stadia is a platform that releases next-generation games, that to enjoy them you have to pay a subscription, that's why you need to know how to get two months free to play Google Stadia, legally from its official page.

Finally, for more information you can visit the official Stadia page, and get more knowledge about the product and how to buy it, to enjoy your favorite games anywhere.

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