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Fall Guys is the fashion game, what everyone enjoys at home, the title everyone is talking about and no wonder.

Why is Fall Guys successful? The game already has millions of players around the world and thanks to colorful graphics, fast-paced games and lots of fun, Fall Guys is making everyone who try it fall in love, proving that in the world of video games you don't need to be an AAA production to become a mass phenomenon.

Now, is there a mobile version of Fall Guys? Although there are already hundreds of clones in the Google application store, none of them are the official game. Now, as we will explain below, there are “little tricks” for playing Fall Guys on our mobile device.

How to play Fall Guys on Android

Fall Guys is the fashion game that half the world is talking about

Despite the latest rumors, Fall Guys for Android doesn't exist yet. So first of all, pay attention to any app, APK, link, or webpage that ensures it can be installed on an Android device.

To date, Fall Guys can only be played on PlayStation 4 and PC. This is indicated by its developers on their website, although they would like to release their game on other platforms such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and even mobile platforms.

Despite this peace of mind, because just as we were able to play GTA V on our Android smartphone, the same can also be done with Fall Guys. We tell you how to do it.

How to play Fall Guys on PS4

To enjoy this amazing multiplayer game on a smartphone or tablet, we just need to install the PS4 Remote Play app, a tool that will transform our smartphone into a sort of television with which we can play all our PS4 games, including this Fall Guys of course.

Setting up this app is really simple. Once installed, we will turn on our Sony console and we will do the following:

  • Settings, Remote connection settings Play e we will activate this option.
  • Then go back to Settings, Account Management, Activate your PS4 as a.

Once this is done, we can connect smartphone / tablet with our PlayStation 4 and enjoy this spectacular game and even if we have a mobile phone with Android 10, pair a wireless controller so that the game is much more enjoyable. And beware, PS4 Remote Play works even when the console and mobile are not on the same Wi-Fi network.

How to play Fall Guys on Steam?

Fall Guys is only available on PS4 and Steam but with these "tricks" we can also enjoy it on our smartphone

In case we unfortunately don't have a PlayStation 4 but have a computer with Steam installed, you should know that there is also the option to be able to play it on the screen of our mobile phone.

Steam has a free mobile app called Steam Link which does the same thing as its Sony counterpart. Once installed on our smartphone, we just have to associate it with our Steam account: the process is very simple and always takes us by the hand.

Once this is done, not only can we play Fall Guys, but also any other game in our Steam library. Obviously the experience is much better if we connect again with a PS4 or Xbox controller, the user experience will be much better.

In short, although for now we will have to wait to have Fall Guys officially on Android or iOSThanks to the apps we left you earlier, we will be able to enjoy today's trendy game on our mobile devices.

Obviously we will need to have purchased the game on both PS4 and Steam and of course you will need a good internet connection for the streaming to go perfectly, or failing that, unlimited data speed.

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