How to play Counter Strike CS GO 1.6 from the browser and without downloading

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Requirements for playing Counter Strike online from the browser

In terms of requirements, you just need to be connected to the internet and have a fast browser installed on your PC. Also, it is recommended that your connection be at high speed, as this is an online game.

How to use CS- Online Club to be able to play Counter Strike from the browser

Once the above is ready, all that remains is to open the browser. Then you have to search for "CS online". This way you should see the address of an online Counter Strike club. You will need to click on the link and a page will open where you will have many options.

What interests us is to first adjust the language. If you look at the side of the screen we can open a menu a curtain and change the language. This is because it is usually in English by default.

Another thing we need to change is if we want the game to deactivate the bomb. In addition to adjusting in which region we want the server to be merged. These options are almost the same as when we create a server from our Steam.

What do I need to access these servers?

Once we have marked the options we need, we need to click Update. This way you will load a list with servers that meet your requirements, you can choose any one from the list.

However, you should keep in mind that the farther the server is from you. The connection to it will be slower, so you will suffer from the LAG that is generated, the only way to cope with this is to have a megabyte high plan in your Internet provider. When deciding on a server, what you should do is click Connect.

Then you will see how the page will redirect you to the game as such. When you log in for the first time, you will notice that a series of files will be downloaded. This process is a bit slow, and the page itself expresses it in this way, this is because it has to download all the necessary files for the game to work well.

In the same way, downloading these files will depend on your connection and if it is not being used by any other equipment in your home. Once the download is complete, the game will load you and you can choose either side.

Finally, the server will put you in the game and you will be able to play as freely as when playing on Steam.

Tips for playing online

Usually, when we think of play CS 1.6 with our friends, we do this through a home network specially designed for this. However, in this case it is not necessary, as the game is running on an external server.

In the case of Counter strike 1.6 online, no registration is required. So you won't waste time checking your email or anything like that. You just have to enter the page and follow the steps mentioned above. This is a great advantage when playing online, as we can invite our friends and get into the game quickly.

In these servers, several factors need to be taken into account. On the one hand, you should know that when you are playing from the browser, you cannot start the downloads. Since these will consume a large part of the internet resources and this will not benefit you at all.

Another factor we need to think about is choosing the server we will play well on, as this can make our experience better, or we have problems with the connection and cannot play.

How to play Counter Strike 1.6 on Steam online and without registration

In order to play Counter Strike online you must first have Counter Strike No Steam version 1.6 installed on your computer, you must also install the Patch v23b, which will install all the modules necessary to be able to play online, and finally installs sXe Injected, the latter serves to prevent players from using Cheats or cheating programs while playing the game.

Once everything is installed you have to insert the icon that was installed on your sXe Injected desktop and once open the program, open the Counter Strike 1.6 No Steam that you previously installed on your desktop and when the game is open, you have to go to the section " Find server »And choose which server you want to join to play.

Steps to create a private server in Counter Strike online

If what you want is to create your own Counter Strike server, you have to allow connection through the Firewall or the firewall of your router, this will depend on the model of your router and you can find support on the official website of the manufacturer of your router, once you get these information, your task will be to open port 27015 UDP / TCP. So, open that same port in your computer's Firewall, this way we will have that open port that we will use for our private server.

It is therefore time to configure our server, for this you have to access the path where you installed your Counter Strike, normally the default address is C: / program file / valve / counter strike 1.6, or the address you used when installing the game. You should find a file called "hlds.exe", then create a shortcut from this file to your desktop (right click on the file and select the option send to: desktop: create shortcut).

When you have it on your desktop, then right click on that file and go to properties, in the properties window you have to write the following information:

In the «Destination» text box you have to enter the command to disable Valve's protection that is «-nomaster» followed by the command «-heapsize» which is to allocate the amount of RAM you want your server to use, you have to take into account that the amount of memory here is measured in kilobytes, (for example: heapsize 256000), and finally the IP address of your computer. If you don't know how to get it, you have to type the word "cmd" in the search engine of the start menu of your computerThen a window with the System Symbol application will open, right click on it and select «Run as administrator», then a command window will open in which you need to type «ipconfig» and press the Enter key. Here you will be shown a series of lines with information about your system, but since what we are looking for is the IP address, look at the bottom of the window for the option that says: "IPv4 address" there you will see your IP address , copy it and close the Command Prompt window to continue with the next step.

So you have to write the command to avoid class "C" errors which is " + sv_lan 1: », and finally you need to add the following command: «+ exec server.cfg:», this is how the commands we just configured in the server.cfg file can be executed

Returning, what you have to write in the "Destination" box in the properties of the hlds.exe file you have created the shortcut to on the desktop should have a format like this: -nomaster -heapsize xxxxxx + ip xxx + sv_lan 1 + exec server.cfg

For example: -nomaster -heapsize 512000 + ip + sv_lan 1 + exec server.cfg

Once this line of code has been added to the target the hlds.exe file, then press the accept button and we will have our file configured, we just have to open it and configure some parameters so that everything is ready, when you run the hlds.exe it will open the "Start Dedicated Server" window, enter the information as follows:

  • Game: enter the name of the game, in this case: Counter Strike
  • Server name: write the name you want to give to the server
  • Map: choose the map you want the game to play on.
  • Network: Internet
  • maximum Players: here you choose the maximum number of simultaneous players.
  • UDP port: 27015
  • Password RCON: Enter the password for administrator access here.

Ready once your server is set up, you just need to share your server IP followed by with your teammates : 27015, for example, if your IP address is, so the address for your friends to connect to your server will be:

Can I play CS Portable online with someone else?

The general answer to the question is whether it is possible to play portable CS, however the version of this game is not the official one, although it is widely accepted by the Counter Strike community, the most practical option is play them through the online game pages that closely resemble their graphics to the original game, these games do not require too much configuration and are quite smooth, the graphics are not the best, but if what you want is to be able to play Counter Strike from your mobile without having to install anything, or even from your computer for a few minutes and have fun, you just have to search the internet for minigame pages and search for Critical Strike: Portable, you will surely find many options available to enjoy this classic and fun game.

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