How to play Minecraft online with a friend with or without Hamachi?

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So much so that those who discover how to download the non-premium Minecraft launcher for PC, have also looked for a way to be able to play it and thus enjoy the cube experience even more.

What do I need to keep in mind to play Minecraft online with a friend?

To play Minecraft multiplayer or with two or more people, you first need to know your situation with respect to the game and your current position. Because it is important? Because there are exclusive paid servers and it will all depend on whether you are "Premium" (paid version) or " not Premium ”(Pirated version) to enjoy them.

Note that depending on the location you can play with your friends if they are on the same local network or, conversely, play via LAN inviting people who are not on the same local network using "Hamachi".

Create an online game without Hamachi

First, you have to start the game and then press the option " Single player " followed by “Create a new world ". Once these steps are done correctly, you will be able to name the world or game you are creating as squares.


Under the name box, you will have the game mode that suits your tastes in the option " Game mode ". You can choose between creative, adventure or other modes. At the bottom, option B ”will appear, which will proceed to load the corresponding article with the previous characteristics already assigned.

In this sense, already inside the map or the created world, press the " Esc ”To display the game menu. Awards “Start LAN World” in so that the game is loaded on the LAN and is visible to those players who share the same local network.

Now acquaintances, friends or players must enter the game and press " Multiplayer ". Then, the server name its creator gave it will be reflected on the main screen. All that remains is to select the world and press "Join the server".

Create an online game with Hamachi

The first thing you need to do of course is download, install and configure Hamachi. This is a VPN service that allows you to generate a local network to play Minecraft online with a friend who is not connected to the same network as the primary user. The application is totally free, just log in to its website; and being on the home page, press "Download now ”To start the download.

Then select " Run ”To begin the installation. After the necessary time, open the application, respect the registration required by creating a new user with your email and password.


When the session starts, a menu with two options will be displayed. Click “Create a new network ”And enter a name that must be unique. You can set it up as a private network by formulating a key or just keep it public. In the notes, copy the IP address that appears to the naked eye in the bar " / ”And save him.

Next, log into Minecraft as usual and generate the world that will be used as a server for the people you want to play with, following the instructions as if it were a daily game without the use of Hamachi.

Within the world, the port number of the generated game appears at the bottom left of the screen. In the notes, copy the figures and paste them after entering the colon ":" in the previously saved IP address. Example: 55.36.447.12:55441.

To play Minecraft online with a friend, they must have Hamachi already installed and logged in. Awards "Join an existing network",   enter the name of the network and finally connect.

Next, you have to open Minecraft in the same way and press the option " Multiplayer ", to select "Direct connection" and inside the box named "Server address", paste the IP address plus the game port, data to be provided by the creator of the game. Awards "Join the server" and voila, let's play!

In case the users in question do not share a specific platform to play, then you need to find out how to play Minecraft using cross-platform with other friends, to enjoy this game as it should.

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