How to play multiplayer with friends in Mario Kart Tour mobile on Android

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Video games are a great way to lower your stress levels. However, they are much more effective when shared with friends or family. Are you a fan of classic video games? Then surely you are interested in how to play with friends in multiplayer mode in Mario Kart Tour mobile on Android.

For this, this guide is essential. This way, you will have an extremely pleasant time with other players. Without a doubt, it's a lot more fun than playing against the CPU. Find how!

What is Mario Kart Tour?

Nintendo has been the shadow of PlayStation and Xbox for a long time. Despite her efforts to resurface and be in trend again, she hadn't been able to make it. But everything changes from certain points: the launch of Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart Tour.

There is no doubt that Mario Kart Tour has caused a sensation all over the world. Its launch took place in September 2019. One of the most popular Nintendo franchises is back for Android and iOS devices.

Except for its availability on new platforms adapted to the technological realities of the current world, Mario Kart Tour retains its essence.

It is still the classic racing video game with the iconic characters from the Mario Kart saga. It is definitely something special to share with the little ones if you are looking to choose the best smartphone for a child.

Impact and playability

Nintendo, through social networks in February 2018, had announced that it was working on the video game. However, he did not provide further details on the matter.

Finally, the tweet that many were waiting for has arrived. Nintendo announced that Mario Kart Tour would be released on September 25, 2019. In just one day, the video game is been downloaded 20 million times.

As mentioned above, the essence of the video game remains the same. A racing game where you can use different elements for prevent your rivals to overtake. The displacements are 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 200cc. The first cylinder is available and the rest are unlocked as you play.

Multiplayer mode in Mario Kart Tour

Gaming is great if you have a good range phone. But despite everything, there was something that didn't quite convince users.

And is that, at the time of its launch, Mario Kart Tour limited the use of multiplayer mode. As? Well, if you didn't have a gold pass, you couldn't enter.

Although Mario Kart Tour has many free features and modes, multiplayer was not one of them. The only way to get the coveted Gold Pass was to buy it.

The return of users

This, without a doubt, was a very negative aspect of the platform and users expressed their discontent. So it was that, after a few months of launch, Nintendo enabled multiplayer mode without the need for a golden pass.

The effects of the decision were felt almost immediately. Many players have returned. So how could you play with friends in multiplayer in Mario Kart Tour? Simple.

How to play with friends in multiplayer mode in Mario Kart Tour?

First, both you and your friends must have a Nintendo Account. It is possible to create or have two Nintendo Accounts, this way you could lend one to your friends.

  1. Once inside the game, click the menu button of game.
  2. You will see the "Multiplayer" mode icon, click on it.
  3. You can enter a random room, create a room or enter a private room via code.
  4. This code must be provided by the creator of the room, only then can you join. Or in any case, allow your friends to participate.
  5. The maximum number of players allowed in a room is 7.

Time to play!

With these simple steps you can start enjoying Mario Kart Tour with your friends. Relive the best times of your childhood with this fantastic video game. You can also upload your games to other platforms if you decide to record your mobile screen.

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