How to play Pokémon Go if my Android phone does not have a gyroscope, is it possible?

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A long time ago it was impossible to play Pokemon GO without a gyroscope, has it changed? Today we will teach you how to play pokémon go if my android cellphone does not have a gyroscope, is it possible?

Pokemon go

Pokemon GO is a video game developed by the company Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo, belongs to the Pokémon saga. It is a very interesting video game that makes use of the new augmented reality technologies of mobile devices.

Augmented reality allows you to play in physical environments. Indeed, Pokemon GO is based on exploring our city. It is undoubtedly a gameplay like never seen before.

The video game had a boom when it was released in 2016. In any case, it was relatively challenging, since it doesn't work properly with devices without gyroscope. But has this changed? Through the following guide we will answer this question, so that you can determine if you can play Pokemon GO on Android without having a gyroscope.

Play Pokémon Go without a gyroscope

Pokemon GO has changed a lot over time, many of these improvements are directly related to the gameplay. Other changes affect the stability and performance of the game and some extras they have expanded Pokemon GO compatibility.

In fact, although the game was initially completely incompatible with devices without a gyroscope, this has changed in the latest updates. In fact, it is now possible to play Pokemon GO on mobiles that don't have a gyroscope.

Of course this can vary from mobile to mobile, but you don't lose anything by trying. Just search for Pokemon GO in the Play Store and, if it appears, it is most likely it is compatible with your device. If you still have doubts about how the game works, you can read the requirements to play Pokémon Go, however the game has some limitations to take into account when you don't have a gyroscope.

Limitations of the game without gyro

As we pointed out earlier, and from some time that Pokemon GO is playable without gyroscope. In any case, it is not as good as in those devices that feature this function.

First you need to understand how the gyroscope works. A gyroscope detects the movements we make on the mobile. In fact, it goes much further, as it can very accurately detect the orientation of the device.

Thanks to this feature it is possible to move the device in any direction and for Pokemon GO detect these movements. In fact, this is a fundamental foundation for augmented reality to work in Pokemon GO.

For this reason, when the gyro is not activated or the device does not have this feature, augmented reality animations will not work properly. In other words, it is irrelevant if we move the device somewhere, since the movements cannot be detected.

That said, the most advisable thing is to turn off AR mode, which can help troubleshoot AR camera issues in Pokémon GO when you don't have a gyroscope. This will display a simpler animation, but is more suitable for devices without a gyroscope. can disable AR mode when encountering a wild Pokémon, the option appears at the top and right.

Playing Pokémon GO with or without a gyroscope is fun

As we pointed out earlier, it is possible play Pokemon GO without gyro and despite the limitations it is still a very fun game. Either way, you have to master some mechanics, for example, getting coins in Pokémon Go is one of those essential things for new players.

On the other hand, never forget to look for ways to save mobile data and battery while playing Pokémon Go, as the video game can consume data very easily of your income and the battery of the device. Even so, it's one of those very fun games that we recommend you delve into.

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