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What are the fundamentals or pillars of the game?

As with most games, there are some fundamentals or pillars that must be followed to advance in the game, we will show you four of the most important of Pokémon Unite in this article.

Choose each Pokémon's target

Before starting the fight you can choose the Pokémon you will use, based on its strength and weakness you can guide you in your choice. Remember that in every battle the Pokémon can undergo changes and evolve over time.

Help your team with combat items

Once you've chosen your Pokémon, you can make the most of it by choosing each Pokémon's item. You have 15 items required to equip them, you should only use the one that suits your Pokémon, that suits it and is a complement to its movements, so you will be a good tool for your team.

Choose the moves you learn with each Pokémon

You will be able to choose the movements that each Pokémon will learn during each fight, as the battle progresses each Pokémon will gain experience in the movements, the practice will help you improve your movements and you will be able to discover the moves that best suit your fighting form.

Wild Legendary Pokémon appear out of nowhere

In combat, wild Legendary Pokémon appear out of nowhere, which you must defeat and remember to take Aeos energy and they will leave fall, remember that by taking these energies and bringing them to one of the target zones, your team will have more points and you will ensure victory ...

Before entering the game, prepare your kept items and battle items

As we've seen, the game allows us to use items that complement our Pokémon, so no matter how good the Pokémon you choose, it doesn't hurt to choose an item that helps it be much more effective than it is.

How to get the held items?

Held Items are items to equip Pokémon, you can get them by purchasing them in the Aeos Emporium, you will find this section in the shop. These items can also be upgraded and with each upgrade the better the effect it will have.

Utility of battle items

The battle items are consumable items for combat, you can only equip one, although their use is indefinite, battles have a cooldown. You have to wait a while to use them again.

There are many battle items, some of the effects are: recover some life from Pokemon, increase Pokémon attack, temporarily increase Pokémon speed, temporarily weaken wild Pokémon and other effects depending on the chosen item.

Which are most important for using held or battle items?

The difference between these items or accessories is that Held Items, the special effect it produces is constant in combat, in the case of Battle Items, they have a time when they are disabled so you have to wait for it to pass to use them again in combat.

What are the best Pokémon in Pokémon Unite?

As it is a team game, it is important know how to choose which Pokémon we will use for the fight so that you can earn points and that the team wins, let's see which are the best Pokémon.

Learn to play with Snorlax

Snorlax is a Pokémon designed to defend, is a protector of his comrades in combat. Provides a solid line of defense and can regain health without abandoning combat. His form of attack consists of dozing and rolling while sleeping peacefully to attack opponents.

Pikachu, overrated?

The famous Pikachu who also appears in the main role in Pokemon Let's Go, is very adept with electricity, can attack rivals from afar, and is a great Pokémon for being offensive. With his attack he can paralyze other rivals.

Lucario, the best fighter of steel?

This is a very Pokémon balanced, strong and fast. It hits its opponents at high speed, dealing damage and knocking them back. Great option for the jungle in Pokémon Unite

How do you move around the jungle in Pokemon Unite?

You have to use your abilities effectively, have your ability ready for when you need to use it, if you are a fast pokémon, have the list to move around the field. Paying attention to lanes is important when in the jungle in Pokémon Unite.

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