How to play Rust alone What can you do? - Full tutorial

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Working on the principles by which Minecraft works, Rust is a new and fun game that allowed a server in Spanish to allow the entry of new communities.

If you are interested in accessing their platform, but unfortunately you do not have a friend who can help you, you need not fear! Through this guide you can find the best tips to fully enjoy the experience within this popular game.

A first look: follow the tutorial that Rust offers you step by step

When a video game has a very particular strategy or game mode, which in this case it is the survival of the player, they generally have tutorials and tips that will help you understand the concept of the story.

That's why once you are able to verify that you meet each of the requirements of the game, you can log into your account and start the campaign within Rust.

Through this tutorial a series of missions will be established in which the basic activities for user development within the game are specified, who can later evolve these skills for better results.

Start building the tools you need to be able to perform basic Rust tasks

We previously mentioned the similarity this popular game has to Minecraft, since, based on survival, each of the users must try to carry out almost the same activities that guarantee your well-being.

An example of these essential tools in Rust are the ax, the pickaxe and the shovel, with which each individual can get the main raw material to make other items.

Get the armor as fast as possible

Being an online multiplayer, the gaming community is filled with diverse players of various levels who can take advantage of you and welcome you.

Here because having the possibility of defense is essential to survive while exploring the game, which can be obtained through various ways.

Mainly, each user has the ability to design spears through their own work table, which requires materials such as wood for its creation.

This particular weapon will allow you to attack from a distance and deal a particular amount of damage, no matter how novice it may be. Likewise, another way is that as you explore, find weapons from other players that you can steal strategically.

Guarantee your food inside Rust

Like the pixelated game, this improved version also works with the ability to find the best seeds and sow varieties of plants in the same way that other players used to do through Minecraft.

This is how the player can guarantee to get their own food, which can later be cooked to provide a greater amount of benefits.

Build your base and train it with the essentials

Within Rust, the base can represent more than just a construction, as it must be characterized by various elements that greatly benefit the player.

For example, to ensure defense, each designer can deploy multiple doors at random, in order to stop and obstruct the enemy's attack.

Likewise, within Rust there is the feature of losing everything when you die, so having a warehouse with basic items will facilitate progress throughout the game.

Finally, it is essential to create sleeping bags, which more than the simple aspect of rest, represent the player's regeneration point after death, which can save a significant amount of time when exploring the map.

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