How to play with two or more accounts or profiles in Call of Duty Mobile

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The game Call of Duty Mobile, offers a lot of fun and entertainment to all its players, in this game you will have the opportunity to have two or more accounts (as many as you want); By having multiple accounts, you can have many more hours of play and distraction.

Having multiple accounts will essentially allow you to have different characters, friends, weapons and games; If you lose in one account, you can win in the other, if your performance in one of the accounts is low, you can improve it in the others. To have two or more accounts on your device, you will only need to follow a series of simple steps, which will allow you to have both profiles in minutes.

Call of Duty Mobile settings, to play on two accounts

Now, to play with one or more accounts you will need to configure it to ensure that the game performs better, also to ensure that no errors occur during development, you must be clear that you will need to have your mobile phone in optimal conditions to be able to play.

The configurations you need to do are the following: Prepare your device storage, you will need about 1,6GB, if your phone is at the limit, it will not work properly; You have to turn off activities and alerts according to plan, if you have a game mode on your device, you will need to use it to reduce notifications and eliminate other processes that reduce performance.

Furthermore, plug in your headphones, the soundtrack of this game is very good, this will allow you to be more aware of what is happening around you, thanks to this you will be able to identify the steps of the players, hear the guns and many more sounds that will allow you to win.

You will also need to have one Internet connection, you need to connect to play, check your WIFI is connected or your mobile data; you will need to turn up the brightness so you can see what you shoot, the brighter the better.

How to play with two or more accounts in Call of Duty Mobile?

Having more than two accounts will help you have different progress and the best thing is that it can be achieved in a very simple way, the first thing you should have is another email from Gmail and another Facebook account.

If you do not have other accounts, calm that it is very easy to create a gmail account, also create another account on Facebook, having your accounts ready you will be able to carry out the process, it is important that you have others different data, since if you make the other profile With the same data as your first account, this will not be created.

Time to start you must: Enter the game from your mobile and press the "Settings" button (the logo of this button is a gear) once there, we look for the box that says "Others", press "Close session", then click on "Accept".

Then a let's wait a moment for it to load, when doing this it will direct us to the home page of the game, now we press the button that says "Facebook" and enter the data, then a section will appear in which you have to write the name you want for your character and ready you will have your other account and you will play with one of the two when you want.

More Call of Duty Mobile settings to play with two or more accounts

There is a large number of these settings, it depends on how you like to play, some of these are: Choose the advanced mode, there are two methods, the simple one or the advanced one that will appear at the beginning of the game, the advanced one gives you total control.

You can also customize your controls, enter "Settings" in the "Advanced" option press "Customize", once here you can drag the control elements to new positions.

You can also change the shooting mode, you just have to enter the same “Advanced” area to change how the different types of weapons fire, you can fire from the hip or in a custom way.

If you have questions about the process you will do, or want to ask an additional question, you can contact the game's technical support, here they will answer all kinds of questions you may have.

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