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Among Us is one of the games that has become very popular in recent times. It is a lot of fun, since you can play games with players from anywhere or create a private game to play with your friends.

Between us it can be played completely free from any mobile and on PC.

Between us may be played at one hundred percent free on any mobile device with Android and iOS and also on PC. You can customize your character by changing their appearance or become the best of all by completing all the tasks that the game offers.

While it has many positives, it could be said that if there is something "bad" to point out in Among Us are the ads that appear out of nowhere during games. This makes sense because the game is free. Contains ads that appear on the screen at any time, cutting the gameplay a bit and interrupting the viewing, which can be quite irritating.

Surely you have asked yourself more than once if this is possible play without having to see the ads. Fortunately this has a completely legal and definitive solution.

How are ads removed on Among Us?

It's easier than you think and will only take a few seconds. Here are the steps to follow:

1 - Open between us.

2 - On the main screen, touch the icon with the symbol $.

On the main screen, click the "$" sign.

3 - Click Remove Ads.

Click "Remove Ads"

4 - You will see on the screen the amount to be paid in so that the commercials stop appearing.

You will see a box with the amount you have to pay to stop seeing ads on Among Us.

5 - By clicking on the amount to pay, you will be redirected to payment options available in your location.

The system will redirect you to the payment platform and you will see the means available for your location.

After entering the payment details on the platform (and paid), you will see your game completely ad-free.

Can ads be removed for free and legally?

remove ads Among Us completely, you need to follow the steps we described above, so far there is no legal free method to eliminate them.

Either way, the cost is very low, and if you still don't want to spend your money on it remove advertising from Among Us, you can choose to play on a computer, when you play from a PC the ads are not displayed during gameplay, so this is another good option if you don't want to have commercial breaks while gaming and don't want to pay to remove them.

Now you know how remove Among Us ads legally and forever.

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