How to put Among Us in Spanish from my Android phone

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Among Us is a fun cooperative game that has had a lot worldwide fame, it comes by default in English, that's why in this article we will teach you how to put Among Us in Spanish.

Due to its popularity in the world, it is understandable that there are people who find it inconvenient or annoying that the game interface is in a language they do not master, so we recommend that you pay attention to the following steps.  

How to put Among Us in Spanish from my Android phone?

As a main step, we need to know that we need to download and install the game on the Android device, and if you don't know how to play, you can click on the linked file. While it's not complicated to know how to do it, it will help you clear up your doubts.

Change the language of the game Among Us is very easy and simple, as the steps are the same for both Android Ios and PC. So you don't have to worry if you want to properly fit your mobile, laptop, tablet or computer in Spanish.

The first thing to do is open Among Us, then go to icon of the gear which has a particular shape like that of a gear, which is located at the bottom of the screen.

Automatically locate the box that appears with the word "data" and select the language you prefer, which in this case will be Spanish. Although we want to change it because it is the language we handle most easily, it is also possible to place it in Korean, Russian and a number of other languages ​​which make it easier for other users to dominate the game from anywhere in the world. 

When the language is selected, the next step to accomplish is to close the game and reopen it for live an experience completely in Spanish or in the languages ​​you have previously selected.

What is the advantage of using Among Us in Spanish?

Among Us is cooperative, with fast games characterized by its particular and innovative game dynamics, this has had considerable success in Spanish-speaking countries thanks to the exposure and enhancement it has on social networks, as well as on the piattaforma Streaming Twitch where a good part of the Streamers are playing among us.

Although English is the default language of the Among Us game, it is considered the universal dominated language and used in more than 75 regions in around the world, suggestions and inclinations from Spanish-speaking users are to determine that the game is in Spanish.

It is evident that some people have difficulties when it comes to developing the game, which puts more experienced users with knowledge of English at a disadvantage, assuming this is an obstacle to have a good experience in the trajectory of the game.

Between us entertainment and fun

The simplicity of this game lies in the popularity of the game, as its interface is simple and decipherable to handle, thus allowing you to people of all ages of play and have fun.

Not to mention that its shared micro-task gameplay dynamics strengthen teamwork, as interacting with other users who love Among Us you can be aware of all the techniques and shortcuts it has. 

In these modern times, the recreational activities they have been affected by demanding jobs and very heavy workloads, with entertainment being a vital part of the individual's health. So this kind of game platform will help you to reduce all kinds of mental stress and fatigue.

Among Us offers a way to relax and free your mind, as it allows us to play fun games, thus covering a large part of the recreational needs of an individual, that he will remain committed to doing something he likes.

We recommend players with more time to start playing Among Us with Discord and switch to next level of online play with friends (whether they are acquaintances or from different parts of the world) as this platform covers everything in context.

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