How to put money into League of Legends? - Find out how to shop on LoL

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Note that with a game that can host up to 5 million users connected at the same time, the idea of ​​shopping in League makes more sense. You don't want to be one of the group; however, you must be cautious and always have parental consent if you are a minor.

What are the benefits of putting money into League of Legends?

The LoL platform has a number of special modes that allow you to improve the experience. One of these variables is that of being able to invest real or local money to acquire the main currencies with which certain features are unlocked which, depending on how the game unfolds, you should try to opt for them.

These coins are known as Riot Points or " RP ” e Blue Essentials o ” EA “, The first is the one accessible through prepayment methods, while the second will be available by leveling up, completing specific missions or disenchanting champion shards., That is, they are obtained for free.


Therefore, put money in league of legends will allow the user to have a predetermined amount of RP based on the initial amount of money invested; however, you must keep in mind that these coins are redeemable only in “Riot Store” and that their use cannot have a direct effect on the game.

Thanks to the RP, you can have free access to buy what's in the main Riot store catalog, from champions or champion skins, chromas, packs, hextech crafts, gestures, summoner icon, and even grant the alternative of being able to transfer your account to another active server.

And in addition to that, in case something goes wrong, you can always refund champions or skins in league of legends, quickly and easily.

What payment methods does LoL offer to buy RP?

Depending on the server you play on, you can purchase an RP figure. For example, in LAN (North Latin America) you can opt for packages from 580 to 16.500 RP, investing from $ 4 to a maximum of $ 96 respectively, while in NA (North America) these packages range from 650 to 15.000 RP, paying from $5 to $100.

League of Legends offers several methods to finalize your purchase ranging from international credit or debit cards, PayPal, Paysafe Card (Peru and Uruguay), prepaid cards or special codes and even via mobile payment in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile.


If for any reason some payment methods not available in your geographic region, it is because investing in the game through them is prohibited because it has no sales rights that allow it to operate in that area; Despite this, putting money into League of Legends won't be impossible.

Step by step to buy RP using international bank cards

The use of international bank cards must be mainly Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB, the latter two not usable in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru.

Open the game and press “Purchase PR” To start the process of placing money in League of Legends, select the option "International cards" and then choose the amount of RP you will purchase based on the amount of money you wish to invest.

Next, you need to fill in your payment information in the form offered by the game. Check carefully the data provided to avoid double invoices or errors when ordering. If everything is in order, press " Pay ”To complete the purchase and write down the transaction ID in a safe place. Ready! Enjoy your shopping!

In case for some reason the game is in bug, or just won't let you buy, even if you know you can, then try uninstalling league of legends, as the error could be due to some sudden update issue.

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