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What is Rust talking about?

Rust is a very interesting game, first of all it falls into the survival category, but it adds unique and complex mechanics. In fact, they are heavily inspired by Minecraft, so if for some reason you can't play Rust, you can download Minecraft in its latest version and have another great experience.

How is Minecraft similar to Rust? Well, Rust is a survival game, Minecraft is also a survival game and although the latter is much more "childish", in Rust we also find another game mode very much in the style of the game of cubes, the construction.

One of the main characteristics of Rust is that collecting resources is possible create your own shelters. In reality, this goes much further, as you can make yourself a huge lair with a multitude of elements.

Rust is not for everyone, it is a complex game and on many occasions classified as "brutal". It's not easy and has a long learning curve, but it can definitely be a lot of fun. Playing Rust you can expect different actions such as hunting, gathering supplies, looking for food and other items to survive and ultimately have fun.

All of the above sounds interesting, right? Remember that if you don't have the game, you can always download Rust from Steam. Either way, to really enjoy the title, it's better play in your language. For this reason, if you enter the game and notice that it is not in your language, don't worry, read on to learn how to change the game in Spanish

Set the Rust game language to Spanish

The first thing is to start Rust, you can do it directly from the link that is created on the desktop or via Steam. Wait for the game to start normally and load the main Rust menu.

Once loaded, it's time to look for the option to change the game language. In newer versions of Rust, a small character icon on the right side of the screen. It should be the last option there, click on it.

By doing so, the flags of the various countries will be displayed, indicating the language that is configured within the game. To put the video game in Spanish, that's enough select the flag of Spain and in this way the game texts should be shown in that language.

The game wasn't in Spanish, but that has changed

Facepunch, the developer of Rust, if it has collected great successes over the years (Garry's Mod and Rust), is a growing company. In fact, Facepunch is one not very big independent developer. It is also understood that certain things taken for granted in other companies are not 100% present in independent companies.

That said, Rust was developed entirely in English (at least initially) so it could only be played in that language. However, over the years and as the final version of Rust approaches, this has changed.

Rust, in fact, is currently almost entirely translated into Spanish. This process was gradual, in fact, in relatively old versions some parts of the game, such as menus or some items, were not translated. Now it's different, the game is perfectly playable and you won't have any problems in relation to the language.

On the other hand, if your problem is not with the language but with the gameplay, then you better learn the basics of playing alone in Rust. Knowing the basics is certainly essential in this very complex game.

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